Human By Nature Kerala: Why People Are Kerala’s Highlight

Human By Nature

Known as God’s Own Country, Kerala has beautifully embraced the “Human by Nature” motto and has rightfully earned the prize for one of the best places to visit in India.  The thought of traveling to India can be daunting. I won’t deny that when I finally decided to visit, four years ago now, I woke … Read more

The Best Places To Visit In Thailand

places to visit in Thailand

Before you start hammering out places to visit in Thailand, you might assume this is a simple task. Thailand is relatively small (at least if you come from a relatively large country) and doesn’t seem especially complex, at least not on Instagram. As you plan your trip to Thailand, however, you will quickly realize that … Read more

9 Amazing Things To Do In Tokyo For Any Traveler

things to do in Tokyo

LeanThere are many incredible things to do in Tokyo. So many, indeed, that it is hard to decide what to do. Many travelers — most travelers, actually — over-complicate their search for things to do in Tokyo. Starting with the assumption that Tokyo is the largest city in the world (and must, therefore, be the … Read more

A Complete Guide To Where To Stay In Bali

where to stay in Bali

Picking where to stay in Bali is absolutely essential to ensure that you have a wonderful vacation. I think the biggest mistake I made when I visited was not researching properly on where I should be staying. Unfortunately, I ended up in areas I didn’t enjoy and hotels that were not up to my standards … Read more

How To Get The Thailand Visa On Arrival

Thailand visa on arrival

Getting a Thailand Visa on Arrival is easier than you think, provided you know what’s required and follow a few simple steps.  As I am sure you know already, like for most place you will need a visa to travel to Thailand. Most people travel all the way to the embassy to get their visa, … Read more

Food In Sri Lanka: 25 Delicious Dishes You Should Try

Food in Sri Lanka

Food in Sri Lanka is full of flavor. It can go from mild to spicy to simply burning – it really is up to you how hot you want it.  Most meals include rice in some form or other. While in hotels you will have a choice of continental breakfast and your typical eggs, fruits … Read more

A Guide To The Most Unique Temples In Sri Lanka

Temple of the Tooth

There are many beautiful Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka. Buddhism is a huge part of Sinhalese culture and way of life, which explains why so many temples can be found scattered around the country. Most people who travel there already know about the famous Temple of the Tooth in the sacred city of Kandy.  Indeed, … Read more

A Guide To The Things To Do In Bentota, Sri Lanka

things to do in Bentota

There are many interesting things to do in Bentota, Sri Lanka. A small town on the west coast of Sri Lanka, Bentota is about half way between Colombo and Galle. It’s a popular tourist destinations for foreigners as well as locals, especially for people coming from Colombo, so it can get busy at weekends. Even … Read more