Everything You Must Know About Chicken Buses

chicken buses

Chicken buses are a fun and inexpensive way to travel across most of Central America, if only a bit slow and for the most part rather uncomfortable.  If you are backpacking across Central America, you will hardly be able to avoid riding on a chicken bus. In fact, it will be an essential part of … Read more

Everything You Must Know For Your Volcano Pacaya Hike


A Volcano Pacaya hike is a must when in Guatemala. Known for tis Mayan archeological sites, the unique cultures and the many markets, Guatemala is also a country of many natural wonders. Thick jungle, isolated natural pools, the breathtaking Lake Atitlan and many active volcanoes (there are 37 in Guatemala) dot the landscape of this … Read more

What You Must Know Before You Travel To Nicaragua

travel to Nicaragua where to stay in Ometepe Nicaragua

Are you planning to travel to Nicaragua? I am glad you are! Lesser visited compared to other countries in Central America, Nicaragua actually has a lot to offer. The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes – that’s how it is known, since there are 19 active volcanoes and many lakes – is a fabulous adventure destinations, … Read more

33 Best Things To Do In Nicaragua

places to visit in Nicaragua

There are incredible things to do in Nicaragua. This is my favorite country in Central America – so underrated, so low key, and breathtakingly beautiful. I have already been 3 times, and there will be more! Known as the land of lakes and volcanoes, it’s a place that will wow you with its landscapes, the … Read more

29 Best Things To Do In Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

where to stay in Lake Atitlan

If there is a place you should not be missing during a trip across Central America, that’s Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Set in the extinct crater of a volcano, and surrounded by yet more volcanoes, Lake Atitlan measures 130.1 square km. It will capture your heart with its unique vibe; the gorgeous views; the indigenous communities … Read more

A Guide To Visiting Semuc Champey, Guatemala

Semuc Champey Guatemala

Semuc Champey is easily one of the most scenic places to visit in Guatemala. A bit hard to reach, it’s honestly worth all the effort of getting there and you should make it a point to include it in your itinerary. If you are looking for information on how to plan your visit, where to … Read more

5 Incredible Sunsets In Nicaragua

sunsets in Nicaragua

Talk to me and I will tell you that the sunsets in Nicaragua are what made me fall in love with the country.  This is simply an amazing country, that has so much to offer to travelers. Beautiful colonial cities; a turbulent yet fascinating history; incredible nature and wildlife; lakes and volcanoes; amazing beaches; kind … Read more

What Is Driving In Costa Rica Like?

Claudia driving in Costa Rica

Driving in Costa Rica can be an incredible experience, provided you know what to expect – or incredibly frustrating, if you go in unprepared. We rented a car on our most recent trip in Costa Rica and loved traveling around on our on schedule, a bit more spontaneously, and taking in all the sights we … Read more