A Guide To The Best Places To Visit In Italy

Best places to visit in Italy

One of the trickiest questions I frequently get asked as an Italian is what are the best places to visit in Italy.  You see, Italy is a special country. And I don’t just say it because I was born and raised here, and it’s the place I call home. This is the kind of place … Read more

Where To Get The Best Views Of Rome

best views of Rome

Rome is located on the hills, and there are many places you can go to to admire the city. But where are the best views of Rome?  This is not an easy question to answer. As I have lived in Rome for some time, I do have my favorite places in town which I have … Read more

Tipping In Italy: When To Tip And How Much

Tipping in Italy

Tipping in Italy is by no means a requirement or a custom. I often come across the question on whether or how much one should leave a tip (or, as we say, a mancia) for a service in my home country and the answer I give is always the same: we Italians don’t have a … Read more

22 Great Day Trips From Rome

day trips from Rome

There are many incredible day trips from Rome and you can easily leave the city and feel you are a world apart from it.  Rome, the Eternal City, is fantastic place: a perfect mixture of historic and archeological sites, beautiful churches, museums and art galleries, lively vibe, delicious food and fun nightlife. However, it can … Read more

The Best Things To Do In Locorotondo, Italy


If you are planning a road trip around Southern Italy, Puglia’s Valle d’Itria should be on your radar and – with that – the lovely Locorotondo. A million miles away – well, in terms of atmosphere – from the popular seaside towns of Ostuni, Polignano a Mare and Monopoli, Locorotondo is the ultimate quaint village. … Read more

The Best Movies About Italy

best movies about Italy

The best movies about Italy are those that help you understand its history and culture, and to appreciate its beauty. They are those that, from the very comfort of your sofa or bed, take you all the way to Italy and immerse you in a wholly different world, and that give you plenty of reasons … Read more

15 Must Watch Movies About Rome

best movies about Rome

There are many interesting movies about Rome that you can watch for inspiration or – quite simply – for entertainment. Some of the best are actually movies about ancient Rome and they will captivate you with the incredible costumes, the historical settings and the heroic histories. Other movies are set in contemporary time and they … Read more