22 Great Day Trips From Rome

day trips from Rome

There are many incredible day trips from Rome and you can easily leave the city and feel you are a world apart from it.  Rome, the Eternal City, is fantastic place: a perfect mixture of historic and archeological sites, beautiful churches, museums and art galleries, lively vibe, delicious food and fun nightlife. However, it can … Read more

How To Get Doge Palace Tickets

Doge Palace tickets

Getting Doge Palace tickets is easier than you may think. This post will tell you all the available options. Palazzo Ducale, as it is called in Italian, is a beautiful Venetian Gothic building located in St. Mark’s Square – the very heart of Venice. The center of power until 1797 (when the city fell to … Read more

The Best Day Trips From Milan

day trips from Milan

There are many fantastic day trips from Milan – it’s just a matter of picking the one that better suits your needs and interests. Milan is one of the most interesting places to visit in Italy, and in recent years it has been getting more and more attention from travelers who enjoy its fantastic museums; … Read more

How To Get St. Peter’s Basilica Tickets

St. Peter's Basilica tickets

Why should you get St. Peter’s Basilica tickets if getting in is actually free? Because this way you can get in in a matter of minutes. In this post, I explain how you can avoid the lines at St. Peter’s Basilica, where you can get St. Peter’s Basilica tickets and share a few tips to … Read more

17 Best Reasons To Visit Italy

reasons to visit Italy

There are many excellent reasons to visit Italy. Italy is a country everyone falls in love with. I may be biased towards it – I was born and raised here. I can see Italy’s many faults, but regardless of them I love my country and I consider myself very lucky to be born here.  But … Read more

13 Cool Things To Do In Matera, Italy

Matera Italy

With so many things to do in Matera, Italy, it’s easy to see why visitors frock to this city and why it’s regularly prize by media.  It took me about a split second to fall in love with Matera. After parking my rental car outside the city center, I walked towards the famous Sassi di … Read more