The Best Hotels In Cagliari: Where To Stay In Sardinia’s Capital

hotels in Cagliari

Finding good hotels in Cagliari is easy – even more so when you have a local telling you where to stay! The capital of Sardinia is packed with good accommodation options, and even though there aren’t many big hotels, there are plenty of smaller, cozy and stylish boutique hotels, and excellent places to stay for … Read more

A Complete Guide To Alghero, Sardinia

Alghero Sardinia

It’s incredible how a place as small as Alghero, in northeastern Sardinia, can offer so much to see and do. This is one of the island’s best preserved Medieval cities; and one of the most popular tourist destinations – especially in the summer season. Yet, it has retained all of its character. With little less … Read more

11 Things Not To Do In Sardinia

things not to do in Sardinia

There are some things not to do in Sardinia. It’s that simple. You really should avoid them. If there is one thing that we never get tired of in Sardinia, that is pointing out that our region is fantastic and truly a world apart. Italian by law, Sardinia is and feels different. Italians themselves feel … Read more

Where Is Sardinia, Anyways?

Asinara, photo 2, Sardegna

Where is Sardinia? We Sardinians are very proud people. We are completely, deeply, madly in love with our land to the point that we have a saying according to which when God created paradise he actually ended up creating Sardinia. Yes, it is a gorgeous place and many a visitor find it so. I have heard … Read more

A Complete Guide To The Island Of Asinara, Sardinia


Asinara is one of the most beautiful places you can hope to visit – not just in Sardinia, but anywhere in the world; and if you are traveling to Sardinia you should make it a point to include it in your itinerary. This small island off the north west coast of Sardinia is as wild … Read more

11 Amazing Surfing Spots in Sardinia

Surfing spots in Sardinia

I have a bunch of friends who travel the world in search of good waves and tell me there’s plenty of good surfing spots in Sardinia. Simone has moved to Lanzarote because he wants to have good weather year round and warm waters to catch waves. Alessandro plans a surf-stop wherever he goes. When he planned … Read more