10 Great Hikes In Tenerife

hikes in Tenerife

There are many incredible hikes in Tenerife, that it would be a real pity to miss out on them while on the island. The biggest and most populated of the Canary Islands, there are many reasons why this is one Spain’s most visited islands. Blessed with a beautiful climate, it is a paradise for surfers. … Read more

The Best Places To Visit In La Garrotxa, The Volcanic Region of Catalonia

La Garrotxa

La Garrotxa, the Volcanic Region of Catalonia, is one of the most beautiful, unique yet undiscovered regions of Catalonia. Set between the Pyrenees and Costa Brava, and part of the Girona Pyrenees region, in the province of Girona, La Garrotxa borders with France on the northern parts, and it’s about 120 km from Barcelona, and … Read more

10 Fantastic Attractions In Besalu, Spain

Besalu Spain

Besalú is a lovely, beautifully preserved small town in Garrotxa, part of Catalonia. At about half way between the Pyrenees and Costa Brava, and right at the edge of La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park, in medieval times it was the capital of an independent state, but nowadays, having long lost its independence, it remains … Read more

Which Are The Best Canary Islands?

best Canary islands

Are you looking for the best Canary Islands to plan your perfect vacation? You are in the right place.  Thought to be a fantastic holiday destination throughout the year (and one of The Best Places For Winter Sun In Europe), each year the Canary Islands attract more than 12 million tourists looking to make the … Read more

Hiking In Sierra Nevada, Spain: The Best Trails

hiking in sierra nevada

Hiking in Sierra Nevada, Spain is an experience any lover of nature should have while in Andalucia. This is one of the most touristy regions of Spain, famous for its beautiful cities such as Malaga, Granada, Seville, Cordoba and Almeria. But there’s a much less touristy side to it. Indeed, Andalucia is where the Sierra … Read more

Hiking The Picos De Europa: The Best Trails

hiking Picos de Europa

There is no doubt that hiking the Picos de Europa is a must for adventure junkies visiting Spain. Part of the Cantabrian mountains, this mountain range is located about 20 km inland from the coast and spreads across the Asturias, Cantabria, Castille and León.  Now a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, the mountains are so high that … Read more

Hiking In The Pyrenees: The Best Trails

hiking the Pyrenees

Hiking in the Pyrenees is a must for adventure lovers who visit Spain: this is one of the best regions for hiking in Spain. The mountain range marks the border between France and Spain, and includes the small State of Andorra. It goes from the Western Cap Higuer in the Bay of Biscay to the … Read more

What To See And Do In Cantabria, Spain

Cantabria Spain

Think of Spain and I bet your mind will never go to Cantabria. In fact, chances are you have no idea where – let alone what – Cantabria is. I don’t blame you. Most people outside of Spain have actually heard of it – that was the case for me too, to be honest. Until … Read more