The Best Guide To Renting A Car In Israel

Acre Israel renting a car in Israel

Should you be renting a car in Israel? Is renting a car in Israel expensive? Is driving in Israel actually safe? Israel is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Middle East and a place I love through and through – I make no mystery of my love for it and those who … Read more

The Best Guide To Planning A Trip To Israel

trip to Israel

Are you planning a trip to Israel? You have come to the right place! After my first trip to Israel in November 2016 and falling in love with Tel Aviv, I ended up going again and again. In the last few years, I have visited Israel more often than I can remember – getting to … Read more

The Best Tips For Traveling To Israel

tips for traveling to Israel

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is if I have any specific tips for traveling to Israel. This is a country I know really well: I go at least twice a year, for prolonged periods of time; I have many local friends. So, if you are planning your first trip and have … Read more

The Best Tel Aviv Airbnb

best Airbnb in Tel Aviv

Are you looking for a great Tel Aviv Airbnb? You’re in the right place! Tel Aviv is my second home, my favorite city in the world and the place I run to any time I can – to spend time with my friends and take in the incredible energy of the city. I have spent … Read more

11 Unmissable Things To Do In Nazareth, Israel

things to do in Nazareth

A popular pilgrimage place for Christians, Nazareth is more than meets the eye. I must admit it took me a few trips to actually appreciate its charm, but once I did I kept going back for more! Known as Nazerat in Hebrew, and En-Nasra in Arabic, this is the largest Arabic town in the country, … Read more

A Concise Guide To Acre, Israel

Acre Israel renting a car in Israel

Acre is a beautiful historic city situated in a natural harbour on Haifa Bay, jutting out into the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Also known as Akko in Hebrew and Akka in Arabic, this northern gem in Israel’s crown has roots that date back thousands of years – and all just a stone’s throw … Read more