17 Truly Unmissable Things To Do In Eilat, Israel

With so many things to do in Eilat, it’s easy to see why it is a favorite of Israelis and why it has become a popular tourist destinations.

Affectionately called Eilat Vegas, Eilat is located on Israel’s only access to the Red Sea and right between Egypt and Jordan. Despite being a small town compared to many others in the country, Eilat has a lot to offer to its visitors who can count on beautiful beaches, a fabulous marine life, easy access to the desert and incredible desert hikes and a fabulous array of restaurants and bars.

In this post, I highlight the best things to do in Eilat, with a few recommendations on things to avoid, and I will share some practical information to help you plan your trip.

Timna Park
Exploring Timna Park is a must when in Eilat

17 Great Things To Do In Eilat, Israel

Explore Timna Park

Timna Park is located at about 25 km from Eilat. It is a fantastic archeological site, home of the world’s earliest copper mine and of some intricate geological formations, such as the Natural Arch, the Mushroom, and Solomon’s Pillar.

You can hike and even bike in Timna Park – the Israeli Trail goes through it – but keep in mind there is very little shade so it can get terribly hot. If this is what you want to do, carry plenty of water, food and wear a hat and sunblock.

Make sure to check out for this Timna Park highlights tour.

Red Canyon Israel
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Hike the Red Canyon

Did you know that hiking is one of the coolest things to do in Eilat?

Close to Eilat there are several incredible hiking trails – among the best in the country. The Red Canyon is one of the best places to hike. Its beautiful rock formations are of a deep red color; there are narrow trails and it overall gives the impression of an amusement park.

The Jerusalem Post explains how to make the most of a hike in the Red Canyon in this article, and you can also read this post.

Eilat Mountains
Eilat Mountains offer incredible sea views

Visit Eilat Mountains

Eilat Mountains will give you incredible desert and even sea views – and there are several good hiking trails. If the weather is too hot for hiking, or if you don’t feel you have sufficient time for that of if you just one to do something fun, I recommend going on a buggy ride – though I should warn you, it tends to get very dusty.

You can book your buggy tour of Eilat Mountains here.


Eilat is a great birdwatching destination, with a birding park that was established in 1990 by the International Birdwatching and Research Center of Eilat (IBRCE) foundation with the purpose of monitoring and researching bird migrations. The park is open every day for people who are interested in guided birdwatching tours.

Hit the beach

Beaches in Eilat are spread along 13 km of coast and provide incredible views of Edom Mountains. Some are supervised by lifeguards and easily accessible by families with children; some cater to religious people; and one – Dolphin Reef – is home to a cat sanctuary, so you’ll find cats casually bathing in the sun along with people.

what to do in Eilat
Having fun in Eilat Mountains

Get an adrenaline rush fun-tubing

The first time I ever went fun-tubing was in Eilat and it was 100% fun. Together with your friends, you get to sit on a large inflatable that gets pulled by a speed boat. This moves so fast and turns around so much and so intensely that you have to hold on to the handles or you may fly into the water. Either way, it is a lot of fun and a massive adrenaline rush.

Go diving or snorkeling

Eilat is Israel’s only access point to the Red Sea, so you may want to use the opportunity to go admiring its marine life and the coral reef. Various diving schools in Eilat offer diving expeditions for a chance to admire one of the most lively seas in the world.

You can book your diving experience in Eilat here.

Practice other water sports

Eilat is actually very windy, so it is a perfect place to try water sports such as wind surfing or kite surfing – both of them are very popular among the locals.

things to do in Eilat
Photo by Oleg Zaslavsky @shutterstock

Visit the Underwater Observatory

Eilat Underwater Observatory is a fantastic place to learn more about marine life in the Red Sea and elsewhere in the world. A guide will take you around to explain about the activities at the Observatory, their conservation work and the various species you will be admiring.

There is a shark pool which is the largest in the Middle East and last but definitely not least the views from the Observatory Tower are absolutely stunning.

You can get your Underwater Observatory tickets here.

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Fly over the Red Sea

Since Eilat is right between Jordan and Egypt, one of the most thrilling and fun things to do is catching a small plane to fly over the Red Sea. Planes carry up to 4 persons (including the pilot) – they are tiny. During the flight, which lasts around 30 minutes, the pilot points out various landmarks in the area.

You’ll have views that span all the way to Saudi Arabia, and it’s absolutely interesting to notice how two countries that are so different one from the other are in reality so close.

Attend a music festival

Eilat is home to a variety of music festivals. The Jazz festival takes place twice a year – once in the winter and once in the summer – at various venues in town. Eilat Beer Festival sees live performances by Israelis and international artists. The Oriental Dance Festival is more oriented towards middle eastern music.

Attend the Musical Fountain Show

One of the most fun things to do in Eilat (despite being one of the most touristy) is attending the Musical Fountain Show. This takes place twice every night, and lasts about 15 to 20 minutes during which all sorts of fun music is played while the fountain splashes and get illuminated to follow the rhythm.

Go shopping

Eilat is a free port, so there’s no VAT added on prices. This means that in a country that is terribly expensive, shopping is a bit cheaper here. And since there are all sorts of boutiques and shopping mall, it would be a pity to miss on this opportunity.

things to do in Eilat
The food scene in Eilat is simply fabulous

Eat at one of the fabulous restaurants

Food in Israel is generally good – whether you eat at an upscale restaurant or at a budget eatery or even just street food. Eilat certainly obliges to this reputation, and has an incredible array of excellent restaurants. These are the best restaurants in town:

PASTORY – Delicious Italian food, Italian approved.

COLONIA – Great salads and seafood.

FISH MARKET – Tasty seafood and fish in a very easygoing environment.

Enjoy the amazing nightlife

One of the top things to do in Eilat is embracing the amazing nightlife. Small as it is, this city has an incredible array of bars, pubs and clubs where you can get a drink, listen to live music and dance the night away. I recommend these places:

FIFTH AVENUE – Incredible, absolutely beautiful looking cocktails.

THREE MONKEYS – Best place in town for live music.

PADDY’S – A favorite of locals.

Go to Petra

Eilat is an easy access point to Petra, the gorgeous archeological site in Jordan, and you can easily go there on a day trip or even for a couple of days. Several tours depart from town but keep in mind that if you only go for a day, your border crossing fee will be more expensive.

Make sure to check out this Petra full day tour with snacks or this Petra ancient city tour with buffet lunch.

Photo by Sergei25 @shutterstock

Be a responsible traveler

A lot of people who visit Eilat go diving with dolphins or ride camels. Please do some good research before you sign up for these activities.

When it comes to the dolphins in Eilat, they are free to roam in the sea, which may give you the impression that the activity is 100% ethical. However, they are often attracted with food so that tourists can admire them, and this has an adverse impact on their migration cycles and their reproduction. The beach from where they can be seen is pretty, and there is a large cat colony there – so you may still want to go. But don’t swim with them!

The camel ride is trickier one, and I admit I fell for it. To be honest, I am still not sure whether camel rides should be included in the list of activities to avoid. On the one hand, camels have been used as working animals for centuries. But on the other hand, they do have to go through a training in order to carry weight.

There is no actual evidence that riding camels equate to cruelty – but organizations such as PETA encourage tourists not to get involved in any activity that sees the use of animals, and this include camel rides. Other organizations don’t go so far to suggest not riding camels.

If riding a camel is one of the things to do in Eilat that you really do not want to skip, make sure to do so with a company that treats the animals well, that gives them plenty of food and care about their welfare, that allows them to move around freely and exhibit natural behavior and that makes sure they don’t live in fear and distress.

Make sure to read my post The Complete Guide To Becoming A More Responsible Traveler.

sunset in Eilat
Sunset as seen from the rooms at King Solomon Hotel

Practical Information To Plan Your Trip To Eilat, Israel

Where to stay in Eilat, Israel

Eilat is packed with excellent – though expensive – accommodation options. I have selected the best places to stay:

How to get to Eilat

Eilat is well connected to the rest of Israel via public transportation, with several buses departing every day from both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Keep in mind that public transport doesn’t work in Israel during Shabbat (from sunset on Fridays until sunset on Saturdays) so if you are planning to go for the weekend, you may want to opt for a car rental. Check out the prices of car rental here.

Eilat Mountains
Photo by A.Pushkin @shutterstock

How to move around Eilat

There is a good web of buses that go around Eilat, but if you want to reach some of the beaches or go outside of town ie to Timna Park, get a cab (you can book it via the Gett app), or better, a rental car.

Check out the prices of car rental here.

When to visit Eilat

Eilat is blessed with sunny days year round, and the average temperature during winter is 21 degrees Celsius. Avoid it in the summer, when it gets hot beyond belief.

Other useful information 

As for any other trip, I recommend getting a good travel insurance for your trip to Israel.

Get your insurance here. Check out my post Why You Need A Good Travel Insurance.

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  1. Do people still sleep on the beach in Eilat ? As a teenager (back in the mid 80s) we’d do Shabath with candles in the sand and spend the night on the beach with lots of other people. We also had our backpacks stolen while we slept. But to see the mountains changing colors at sunset is one of the most magical and unforgettable spectacles I’ve ever seen. And worth losing a pair of Levi’s for.

  2. Not sure they sleep there at night. I certainly napped there during the day. And I surely loved seeing the sunset (with a good cocktail) when I visited. I was truly reluctant to visit before going, and it took me a moment to love it!

  3. I got there by chance actually. My friend and I took a bus from Jerusalem but ended up somewhere else and spending the night on a beach on the wrong side of the border (silly teens!). The next day we hitched a ride from an Israeli soldier who came to our rescue and told us we were a bit far away to walk to any beach! So he drove us to Eilat where he figured we would be better off. He was right of course… and a sunburn and a bad case of turista left its memories of Eilat intact … so, it took me a moment to love it too. 🙂

  4. Planning my return as soon as they open the borders to individual travelers!

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