The Best Things To Do In Laguna Beach, California

things to do in Laguna Beach California

There are many great things to do in Laguna Beach, California. This small coastal town in Orange County, about an hour south of Los Angeles, is known for its long-standing artists’ community and environmental preservation. Southern California in general is known for its mild weather, and Laguna Beach has the most amazing scenic coastal views. … Read more

The Best Things To Do In Oaxaca, Mexico

from Mexico City to Oaxaca

Oaxaca (pronounced wa-ha-kah) is easily one of my favorite cities in Mexico, and fortunately, there is no shortage of things to do in Oaxaca. Known as one of the culinary capitals of the country, this gorgeous colonial town has so much to offer – both within the city limits and in its surroundings. You’ll easily … Read more

25 Best Things To Do In Puebla, Mexico

from Mexico City to Puebla

At only a two-hour drive from Mexico City in the Central Mexican Plateau, Puebla is the fourth most populated city in Mexico and one of the most visited cities in the country – though many visit on day trips from the capital or often en route to other places. However, this 16th-century colonial town deserves … Read more

13 Best Day Trips From Mexico City


The capital of Mexico is a fantastic city to explore, yet it is often overlooked by travelers in favor of more popular tourist destinations in the Yucatan Peninsula or along the Pacific Coast. I remember the first time I visited Mexico with my sister, our friends who had been there told us to skip it … Read more

How To Not Get Sick In Mexico

sick in Mexico

Death by Tacos – that’s what I said to my friend the one time I was so sick in Mexico after spending the best of a day glued to the toilet. Who knew that the tasty tacos al pastor I had eaten the night before would make me so sick? You see, Mexico is one … Read more

17 Best National Parks In Mexico

Canyon del Sumidero

Looking to visit some of the beautiful national parks in Mexico? As it’s one of the largest countries on Earth — the 14th largest, in fact — you have plenty of great options. In total, there are 67 national parks in Mexico. The parks are located from the east side of the country in the … Read more

The Best Guide To Visiting Teotihuacan From Mexico City

Teotihuacan from Mexico City

Visiting Teotihuacan from Mexico City is really easy, and if you know how to do it, this can be the highlight of your time in the Distrito Federal. At about 50 km (around 31 miles) and one hour drive from Mexico City, Teotihuacan used to be the largest city in Mesoamerica. Research has yet to … Read more

The Perfect Day Trip To Key West

day trip to Key West

Key West, the last of the Florida Keys, is one of the best places to visit in America if you love Caribbean vibes and perfect, amazing weather all year long. Another great thing about this tropical island is that there are just so many fun things to do and see – so you should definitely … Read more