How To Get From Naples To Pompeii

The ruins of Pompeii are easy to visit on a day trip from Naples. If you are looking for the best way of getting from Naples to Pompeii, you are in the right place! In this post I will share all the available transportation options to move from the city to the archeological site in a smooth, quick and easy way.

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How To Get From Naples To Pompeii

Take the EAV Circumvesuviana train from Naples to Pompeii

Taking a train from Naples to Pompeii is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to travel. One option that’s available when it comes to train service is the Circumvesuviana Train from the Napoli Garibaldi Station in Naples to Pompei Scavi.

This station is located where Napoli Stazione Centrale, or Central Station in English, is also located. Both stations share the Garibaldi metro station. Once you get off the metro or to the station, just follow the signs to the Circumvesuviana train.

You will have to take the blue line train that is headed to Sorrento, as that’s the one that stops at Pompei Scavi (it’s actually the same train you’d take to go to Sorrento or even Herculaneum).

This train departs from Naples multiple times a day, with the first trip of the day at 5:57 am and the last trip of the day at 9:09 pm. On average, it runs about twice per hour depending on whether you’re traveling on a weekday or weekend.

You can expect to reach Pompeii Scavi in about 40 minutes you will be only steps away from the actual Pompeii excavation site, by the Porta Marina gate.

The only negative thing about traveling on this train is, although it’s a direct route and you won’t have to change trains at any point, it can get crowded and it does make frequent stops along the way.

The best thing about using the train to get to Pompeii is it only costs about €2.80 one way. You won’t have to buy tickets in advance: they can be purchased at the station before the next train.

One useful thing to know is that the Circumvesuviana trains are not managed by Trenitalia, but by the Ente Autonomo Volturno (EAV). You will find the exact timetable and the prices of tickets on the EAV website here. The site is in Italian, but there is a button on the right hand side of the menu for English that will take you to the timetable. You have to look for the trains from Naples to Sorrento as those are the ones that stop at Pompei Scavi. You can’t buy tickets online in advance and you can’t reserve seats.

train from Naples to Pompeii Italy

Take the Metropolitan Train to from Naples to Pompeii Town

Another train is available to take passengers from Naples to Pompeii, but the major difference is it stops at a bus stop that is ten minutes away from the Pompeii excavation site in the modern town of Pompeii – so it is not nearly as convenient.

This train, which is called the Metropolitan Train, also departs Napoli Garibaldi Station twice per hour. The overall trip takes approximately one hour, because you have to also get the bus to the site, and a one-way ticket costs €4,10.

The first train of the day leaves at 7:57 am and the last one leaves at 4:57 pm but this may vary slightly depending on the day and time of year.

Tickets for this train can be purchased online on the website of Trenitalia or at the train station from one of the ticket machines that are on site. Seats are not assigned.

from Naples to Pompeii Italy

By bus

Another method available to get from Naples to Pompeii is by bus. This is the cheapest way to travel and it takes about the same amount of time as the train at approximately 40 minutes one way.

There are two buses available along this route. The first one is the SITA bus. This bus leaves the Nuova Marina in Naples once or twice an hour every day and stops at the Pompeii Scavi bus stop which is very close to the entrance of Pompeii.

Tickets can be purchased at the nearby SITA office before you get on the bus, or even on the bus itself, and a ticket costs €2.80. Don’t even try to search for more information on the SITA website. While the site is in English, it’s terribly outdated and very hard to navigate.

Flixbus is the other company that travels along this route, but the Naples to Pompeii leg of the journey is just part of the long-distance regional service the company offers. In this case, the bus leaves from Napoli Metropark Centrale station and takes about 35 minutes to get to Pompei Scavi. Tickets cost around €4.

Another option is that of a shuttle bus – it’s a comfortable in-between option that you can easily book online. There are two departures daily, from two different places in the city (the departure place varies based on the departure time). This option costs €18.

You can book your shuttle bus to Pompeii here.

All in all, the train is a better option as there are more frequent departures and they don’t run the risk of getting stuck in traffic.

Join a guided day trip from Naples that includes transportation

If you’re looking for a laid-back way to travel to Pompeii that requires little effort on your part, a guided tour is a great way to travel from Naples to the site. The best part about a guided tour is someone else will do all the work for you.

Bookings, tickets, transportation and anything else involved in the trip are already taken care of for you when you join the tour. Guides are knowledgeable about Pompeii and the areas you’ll see en route to the site, so you also get an all-inclusive history and cultural lesson with your tour!

The other great thing about a guided tour is that they often include stops at other locations along the way. Of course, because every tour is different when it comes to the length of the excursion and what’s included, the prices will vary. There are half-day tours and full-day tours, and sometimes other amenities are included.

While there are many different tours from Naples to Pompeii available, below are a few examples of what’s available.

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By taxi or private transfer

Private transfers and taxis are another way to get to Pompeii from Naples, but although this method is very quick and convenient, it’s also the most expensive.

With a private transfer, you’ll be able to leave right from the airport upon arrival in Naples or you can have one pick you up at your hotel in the city. You’ll also get to relax while someone else does all the driving and navigates through the hectic traffic that this part of Italy is known for!

The trip from Naples to Pompeii takes about 30 minutes if no stops are made along the way. However, during peak times, such as the summer months and weekends, traffic is heavier and the drive may take a little longer.

The average cost of a private transfer is about €25 per person (roundtrip) depending on what company you use and whether you want to make stops along the way. For some, it’s a small price to pay to avoid crowded buses and trains!

The taxi is bound to be a bit cheaper if you are traveling in a group and can share the costs, but if it uses the meter and you get stuck in traffic, it may actually end up being expensive!

There are a few companies offering private transfer services from Naples to Pompeii. The best thing to do would be to enquire with your hotel to get an idea of the prices and availability. They will have a contact or two to call for you.

Alternatively, you can book your transfer online here.

By car

One final option of traveling between Naples and Pompeii is by car. This gives you total freedom to come and go at your own time (though keep in mind that tickets to Pompeii are subjected to time slots), without having to wait for the train or bus.

On the other hand, you will have to battle traffic – which can be really bad; crazy Italian drivers – this part of the country is notorious for that; and have to work on finding a suitable parking lot.

If none of this deters you from the idea of driving yourself to Pompeii, you will have mainly one way of getting there. From Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi follow the signs to get to the Autostrada and get on the A3.

Follow the A3 for about eight minutes, when you’ll have to get off (there is a toll to pay) to get on the SS 18 Tirrena Inferiore / Sr18. Take the Pompeii exit and drive for another 15 minutes or so until you need to turn onto Via Antonio Morese. From there, it’s another five minutes before you reach the site.

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