The Best Guide To Mezzano Di Primiero, Trentino

Mezzano di Primiero is one of the nicest villages in Trentino. Recognized as one of the nicest villages in Italy – and that is not little, in a country that is really packed with charming little towns – it is also known as Mezzano Romantica, and it is a place I wholeheartedly recommend visiting if you happen to be in the region.

In this post, I will share everything you need to know about Mezzano di Primiero, including a few practical tips for visiting.

Mezzano Romantica
The narrow alleys of Mezzano Romantica

What To See And Do In Mezzano di Primiero

Mezzano di Primiero is located in the gorgeous Primiero Valley, in the Dolomites, around 100 km (62 miles) and 90 minutes drive from Trento, the main city of Trentino.

It’s a small village of around 1700 inhabitants, set at little over 600 meters (1,968 feet) above sea level and at the foot of “Pale di San Martino,” one of the most famous peaks of the Dolomites.

Houses in Mezzano are built in the traditional local style – sloping roofs, wooden balconies and banisters, colorful flowers pouring over each and every window.

Albeit its nickname – Mezzano Romantica – the village isn’t particularly romantic. Definitely not in the way you’d expect it. The romance, in this case, refers to the strong connection between man and nature.

Wooden piles

The village was founded around the year 1000 (though archeological proves that human presence in the region is much older than that!) and became famous a few years ago for the many wooden sculptures and piles of wood.

These are scattered around the village not just in a casual manner but in very original, elegant piles – so that they literally become art pieces, much like in an open air museum.

Once you get to the village, go to the information office to get a map to see where they are located. Mind you, it is so small that you can easily wander around without a map and never get lost – but you may well want some more information about what you see, or follow a specific route.

Murals, fountains and more

Another thing you’ll find in Mezzano di Primiero is murals, inscriptions, a bunch of vegetable gardens, and various beautiful, ornate fountains that pour icy cold mountain water – which isn’t just safe to drink, but actually delicious and one of the (many) reasons of pride in the region.

There even is an antique laundry house and an ancient barn which is now a small but well curated ethnographic museum.

A hidden gem

Mezzano still has a lovely, authentic atmosphere. Locals (including the resident cats and dogs such a Maya, a lovely “tripawd” who will show you to the most hidden spots) all seemed pretty cool and happy of our presence.

Mezzano di Primiero
One of the many beautiful wooden piles in Mezzano di Primiero

Practical Guide

How to get to Trentino

There are no airports in Trentino, so you will have to fly to one of the airports in the nearby regions. The best one to reach Trentino is Verona airport. From there, it’s an easy bus ride to the main train station in Verona.

Once there you can take one of the many trains headed to Trento or Bolzano – the overall bus and train trip should take you no more than 2 hours. You can check the train timetable for all of Italy and buy train tickets here.

How to get to Mezzano di Primiero

You are better off renting a car for your trip to Trentino.

You can check out the prices of car rental here.

It takes about one hour and a half to drive to Mezzano di Primiero from Trento. Public transport isn’t really an option – it requires multiple changes and a trip that will last no less than 4 hours!

You can also walk to Mezzano di Primiero from Fiera di Primiero, a nearby slightly bigger town. It’s a pleasant walk of about 3.5 km (2.2miles) that should take you around 40 minutes – all of them downhill and offering breathtaking views of the valley and the surrounding mountains.

Fiera di Primiero
The gorgeous views of the mountains in Fiera di Primiero

Where to stay, eat and drink in Primiero Valley

You are actually better off staying in nearby Fiera di Primiero, which has more accommodation and dining options. It’s a pleasant town with a river flowing through it – go for a walk along the river for splendid sunset views!

One of the best places in town is Hotel Isolabella, which has comfortable, modern music themed rooms with gorgeous mountain views. The hotel has a bar where you can get a drink and, as most in the region, the price includes dinner and breakfast. There also is a spa – perfect to relax after a day of hiking in the Dolomites.

If you are set on staying in Mezzano di Primiero, opt for a small bed and breakfast called Affittacamere Al Pian, with rooms decorated in the traditional local style and all having beautiful mountain views.

If you are looking for a good budget friendly meal in town make sure to head to Il Caminetto: it serves pizza prepared using fresh, local ingredients – from the classic margherita to all those that use local cheese. They even have lactose free mozzarella and vegan options.

Make sure to accompany your pizza with a Bionoc beer – it’s a tiny local brewery in Mezzano. They offer beer tasting tours, but make sure to book in advance!

Further Readings

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Legal Disclaimer: I was a guest of the Tourism Board of Trentino and Trentino Marketing during my trip to Primiero Valley, and wish to thank them for the incredible experience. Needless to say, all the views expressed in this post remain my own.

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