A Great Itinerary For A Summer Week In Trentino

A week in Trentino is definitely not enough to uncover all the beauty of this region of Northern Italy. This is a place of gorgeous mountains, the home of the Dolomites. It’s a place of charming cities and quaint small villages. It’s a land of lakes. It’s a region where you’ll be able to challenge yourself with adventure sports and then relax completely at a spa.

You will find delicious food, fabulous wines, excellent liquors. Locals will welcome you and your loved ones (including your pets!) with a smile on their face.

If you don’t know where to start exploring, you are in the right place. I have been to Trentino countless times and I am going to share an itinerary for a week in Trentino that will take you across some of the most beautiful landmarks. If you are pressed for time, you could probably do it in less time – though I don’t recommend that!

Continue reading to discover your itinerary for a week in Trentino.

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week in Trentino
A view of Trento from Sardogna – photo courtesy of The Crowded Planet

A Day By Day Itinerary For A Summer Week In Trentino

Days 1 and 2 – Trento

If you are planning to spend a week in Trentino, Trento should be your starting point. The main city in the region, Trento is often overlooked. It’s a pity, because the city is a great combination of interesting sights and excellent museums; relaxed atmosphere and fantastic dining opportunities – not to mention, it’s a very good starting point to explore the rest of the region.

The following is a selection of the things to see and do in Trento.

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Unmissable sights in Trento


San Virgilio Cathedral’s construction was started in 1212. This is a Romanesque-style church located in the heart of the city, in a very airy square where locals and tourists alike love hanging out. The Cathedral is very famous for having been the place where the decrees of the Council of Trento were issued between 1545 and 1563, in response to the Protestant Reformation.

Castello del Buonconsiglio

Probably the most famous place to visit in Trento, Castello del Buonconsiglio, in the heart of the city, used to be the residence of the local royal family between the 13th and the 18th century. It now hosts a variety of exhibits.

Things to do in Trentino
The lovely Duomo Square in Trento
MART – Modern Art Museum

If you are a lover of modern art, MART is the place to go. It’s actually in Rovereto, an easy 15 minutes train ride from Trento Piazza Duomo station. This huge museum combines a very beautiful, state of the art structure, and an incredible exhibit of modern and contemporary art of both Italian and foreign artists.

Cable Car to Sardagna

For breathtaking views of Trento, ride the cable car to Sardagna. It only lasts a few minutes and once at the top (at 600 meters / 1968 feet above sea level) you’ll have beautiful views of Trento and the surrounding mountains, including the Bondone mountain. For an even better experience, go to Sardogna for sunset!

Riding the cable car is free if you have the Trentino Guest Card.

Orrido di Ponte Alto 

For an easy trip from Trento that requires minimum effort, head to Orrido di Ponte Alto, where you’ll be able to admire a canyon that over the course of time has been carved by the strong waters of the Fersina River, an estuary to the Adige River.

This used to run fiercely and regularly flooded the city, causing much damage to it, so already in the 16th century dams were placed to it in the area of Orrido di Ponte Alto, creating two very scenic waterfalls.

Orrido di Ponte Alto can be visited on Saturdays and Sundays, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. You can get there from the center of Trento in about 20 minutes by bus. Once at the site, you will have to join a very interesting guided tour (which lasts about one hour). Admission is free for Trentino Guest Card holders.

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week in Trentino
Panificio Moderno is a nice spot for aperitivo

Where to stay and eat in Trento

Trento has some excellent accommodation options, as well as a bunch of fabulous restaurants, so you won’t have troubles finding something that fits your budget and taste.

Best places to stay in Trento
  • Hotel America is located in the heart of Trento and features beautiful, comfortable rooms. The buffet breakfast is excellent.
  • NH Trento is a modern hotel run in an eco-friendly manner. Rooms are spacious, comfortable and spotless.
  • TrentoApartment is perfect if you’d rather have the possibility of self catering. It’s modern, clean and close to all the main attractions.
Best places to eat in Trento

PIZZERIA DA ALBERT – great pizzeria located a bit outside the center of town. Pizza is prepared using top quality ingredients. The dough is crispy, fragrant and at the same time melts in your mouth. Service is super friendly and prices are fair.

OBLO’ COMFORT FOOD – good place for a burger, a sandwich or a gourmet salad. They have vegetarian and vegan options.

AL DUOMO – nice restaurant and pizzeria located right by the main square. They offer a variety of traditional and gourmet pizzas. There are some excellent starters too.

PORTEGHET – lovely spot for a quick lunch. There is a daily menu that changes seasonally, and lots of salad options. Prices are mode than fair; service quick and friendly.

ANTICO POZZO – fabulous restaurant hidden in a very narrow alley; it serves dishes of the local tradition cooked with a modern twist. Make sure to try the risotto.

GELATERIA CHERRY – easily the best gelateria in Trento. The selection of flavors isn’t the biggest, but you’ll surely get the best quality gelato. The vegan chocolate flavor is mouthwatering.

PANIFICIO MODERNO – lovely coffee shop in an airy square, perfect for aperitivo. You can select from a variety of drinks, though I recommend trying Hugo, the local version of a Spritz.

Levico Lake
A relaxing morning on Levico Lake

Days 3 and 4 – Valsugana

Valsugana is a perfect addition to this itinerary for a week in Trentino. This very scenic valley is just a 30 minutes drive from Trento but offers a completely different vibe. The main attractions are the two lakes – Caldonazzo and Levico – where you will be able to enjoy the beautiful beaches, swim in the clear waters, and practice water sports.

The valley is also a great place for biking, hiking and nature walks; and if you feel the need to relax you will find some good spas.

Below is a selection of the things to see and do in Valsugana.

What to see and do in Valsugana

Enjoy the lakes

Both lakes are fantastic places for water sports and you can easily rent a sailing boat to go around the lake, or a kayak to visit all the hidden corners. You can also SUP your way around it.

Though both lakes are pristine and they have gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains, I prefer Levico Lake for it has very clear waters and several beaches – some right by the village and that actually get quite crowded (though never overwhelming), others a bit more hidden. There is a dog beach in Levico, too.

In Levico, go on a walk around the lake. The trail is very easy to follow and you will be able to spot several swings from where people love to jump directly into the water.

Go to a castle

There are many castles in Trentino, and you should make it a point to add at least one to your itinerary for a week in Trentino. A few of them are scattered around Valsugana and open to the public. Pergine and Ivano can both be visited and from there you will get splendid views of the valley. Castel Selva is in Selva di Levico, a small fraction of Levico Terme and can reached by foot via a trail that starts in the village.

views from Cantina Romanese
Cantina Romanese has a lovely family history – and fantastic wines!
Visit a winery

Trentino produces some excellent wines, and it would be a pity not to try a few of them. If you are in Levico Terme, visit Cantina Romanese, a tiny vineyard that makes fantastic wines and that has a very interesting story. As you sip a glass of Gabriella, their signature one, you will also discover the history behind the label of the bottle.

From the winery you will be able to take in the beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and the lakes.

Where to stay and eat in Valsugana

I recommend looking for accommodation in Levico Terme, where you will find plenty of good hotels and restaurants, and from where you can have very easy access to the lake.

Best places to stay in Levico

Hotel Al Sorriso is a nice hotel right by the lake in Levico Terme. Rooms are very spacious and have a beautiful view. There is a pool, an excellent breakfast buffet, a bar and great common area.

Best places to eat in Levico

RISTORANTE RIVIERA – nice restaurant with a huge terrace right by Levico Lake. The menu selection is huge – just as the portions. Food is good, service friendly although a bit slow.

RISTORANTE BOIVIN – one of the best restaurants in Levico. It serves dishes of the local tradition with a modern twist, in a beautiful setting. The owner / chef / manager is worth chatting to – he may seem brusque at first, but he turns out to be a very friendly man. Try the canederli, one of the local specialties, and the fish.

LA TAVERNA – a beautiful restaurant by the lake where you will be able to taste some of the best food in Trentino, accompanied by an incredible wine selection. Enquire about the food and Trentodoc wine pairing.

FABBRICA DI PEDAVENA – an easygoing pub and pizzeria that serves all sorts of food – from pizza to burgers, from steak to schnitzel. Beware of the huge portions!

week in Trentino
There is no shortage of gorgeous views in Primiero Valley

Days 5, 6 and 7 – Primiero Valley

A nice addition to your week in Trentino, Primiero Valley is about one hour drive from Levico Terme and offers a wealth of gorgeous small towns and mountain villages; beautiful mountain lakes; hiking trails and fabulous food.

Below is a selection of the things to see and do in Primiero Valley in 3 days.

What to see and do in Primiero Valley


There is little doubt that one of the reasons why you should visit Trentino in the summer is hiking. Primiero Valley has some of the nicest hikes in the Dolomites – you will find short, easy trails for excellent views and a few more challenging ones.

Check out the trail that goes from Passo Rolle to Baita Segantini. It’s an easy hike of no more than 3 hours (including stops for photos) that will take you to a viewpoint where of the peak of Cimon della Pala.

Another hike is the one that goes from Lago Calaita to San Martino di Castrozza. It’s a moderate hike during which you will be afforded spectacular views of the Pale di San Martino.

Welsperg Lake Trentino
No words needed!
Enjoy the gorgeous views

Photography geeks should head to Welsperg Lake. It’s a very short drive from Fiera di Primiero, and offers a precious reflection of the mountains in the waters of the lake.

Make sure to walk around the lake, as the views and the reflection aren’t that obvious from the side of the parking lot where you have to get off!

Explore a lovely village

There are many pretty villages in Trentino. Mezzano di Primiero, also known as Mezzano Romantica can be easily reached on a short walk from Fiera di Primiero, and it a great place to spend an hour or two wandering the narrow streets.

The village is known as one of the most beautiful in Italy, and for a good reason: it’s incredibly well kept, and at one with nature. You will find wooden statues and colorful wooden piles so well organized that they became real works of art. They are scattered around the village, so you will have to hunt for them while at the same time admire the lovely houses built in the traditional local style.

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Try local beer

Located in Mezzano, Bionoc is a small, local brewery that makes excellent craft beers. You can go on a beer tasting tour with the friendly owners and their sweet dog, and once you sit down for dinner you can enjoy more beer.

Where to stay and eat in Fiera di Primiero

Primiero Valley has some excellent accommodation and eating options.

Best places to stay in Fiera di Primiero

Hotel Isolabella is in the center of Fiera di Primiero. This nice hotel has comfortable, modern music themed rooms with gorgeous mountain views. There is a panoramic elevator that brings guests to their floor, a bar that serves excellent cocktails and an on site restaurant with a set daily menu. Breakfast is very good. There also is a spa – perfect to relax after a day of hiking in the Dolomites.

Best places to eat in or near Primiero Valley

IL CAMINETTO – in Fiera di Primiero, is an easygoing pizzeria where pizza are prepared using strictly local ingredients. They have a great selection that goes from the most classic margherita pizza to the most gourmet ones. They even have vegan options.

RIFUGIO CALTENA – a beautiful mountain hut in Caltene, from where you will enjoy gorgeous mountain views. Several hiking and walking trails depart from the area where the rifugio is located. You will find some of the best food in the area, with delicious dishes of local pasta and polenta.

MALGA ROLLE – a great place to try local produce – they make their own cheese! This restaurants with gorgeous mountain views serves ridiculously large portions of local specialties. Service is fast and friendly.

food in Trentino
Trying local food is a must when in Trentino

Practical Tips To Plan Your Week In Trentino

Best time to visit Trentino

Any time is a good time to visit Trentino. However, this itinerary contains activities such as hiking or SUP that are best enjoyed in the summer, so if you plan to follow this route make sure to visit between June and September.

How to get to Trentino

There are no airports in Trentino, but you can get there by train or bus. You will have to fly to Verona, then take the bus to the main train station in town and finally one of the many trains headed north (Trento or Bolzano). The overall trip from the airport to Trento should take you around 2 hours.

You can check the train timetable and train fares for all of Italy and buy train tickets here.

Alternatively, you can also fly to Venice and take the train from there.

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How to move around Trentino

Buses work well in Trentino and connect the main towns to the smallest villages. However, it’s best to rent a car so that you can save time moving from one place to the other. Besides, Trentino is a region that calls for road trips! 

You can check the prices of car rental here.

Trentino views
More incredible views in Trentino

What to pack for a summer trip to Trentino

Carry comfortable clothes that allow layering up, as it may be quite warm in the middle of the day, but chilly in the morning and early evenings and night. Here’s what I recommend packing:

  • A pair of hiking boots, best if waterproof and with good ankle support. Also pack a pair of comfortable walking shoes.
  • Hiking pants. I am a massive fan of Horizn Convertibleicon and I love Innovair Skinnyicon.
  • A couple of of cotton shirts. I love Kuhl Acaciaicon and Shay Tankicon. Make sure to pack Sylvie Sweatericon in case it gets colder.
  • A sweater (I love Kuhl Lea Pullovericon). Also bring a wind and rain proof jacket. My favorite is Hydroflex Rain Jacketicon.
  • A small backpack for the hikes. I recommend the 20 liter Osprey Daylite Plus.
  • A flask – tap water in Trentino is so good that you won’t want anything else.
  • Sunglasses and a hat, for when the sun is strong or the wind blows.
  • Sun screen with a high protection factor, since the sun can be really strong when at an altitude.
  • A swimsuit for those moments at the lake or at spa.
  • A camera.

Other useful information

Make sure to get hold of a Trentino Guest Card for your time in the region – you are entitled to it if you spend at least two days there and can pick it up at your hotel. The Trentino Guest Card gives you access to public transportation – including trains – and free or discounted entrance to museums, castles, parks and other attractions. For more information, click here.

Pets are generally welcome in most hotels, restaurants and attractions or trails in Trentino.

Finally, as for any other trip, make sure you get a travel insurance when visiting Trentino.

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Legal Disclaimer: I was a guest of the Tourism Board of Trentino, Trentino Marketing and Traverse Events during my last trip to Trentino, and wish to thank them for putting together an incredible itinerary and for welcoming me ever so kindly. Needless to say, all the views expressed in this post remain my own.

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