Looking for where to stay in Tel Aviv shouldn’t be a hard task: the city is packed with good accommodation options for any budget and interests. Different parts of the city, however, have a different appeal and a different feel and your choice of accommodation in Tel Aviv should be also based on what you plan to do once in the city, and what you generally like doing.

Picking Where To Stay In Tel Aviv

If you’ve been following me for a while, you should already know I am a big fan of Tel Aviv and that you can trust my tips. If this is the first time you visit my blog, let me sum it up for you: Tel Aviv is like my second home, and I love it to bits (read why here). I have been there many times and go there regularly, I have many friends there, and I won’t ever tire of it.

To be fair, nowadays I hardly have to worry about where to stay in Tel Aviv when I go as my friends always offer to host me. Yet, I like the idea of staying in a different area every time!

My go to place used to be Abraham Hostel, and I still visit and hang out there any time I’m in town. Abraham has the perfect combination of being in a good, central location; of attracting a varied audience (youngsters, families, etc) and it has some great social spaces, making it perfect for people who are keen on meeting other travelers.

To make it even better, its hangout places (ie the bar and the terrace) are venue for events and parties which even the locals can attend, so it’s a great place to also meet locals. In other words, it’s probably the best choice of where to stay in Tel Aviv if it is your first time in the city. Check out the latest rates for Abraham Hostel, and read the reviews here.

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I have also been to other hotels in Tel Aviv – more about them later.

If you are worried about picking the best location for your accommodation in Tel Aviv, let me assure you that there is no need to panic. All hotels in Tel Aviv are centrally located, so no matter where you end up staying, you’ll have something interesting to do and see nearby and you won’t be spending a long time commuting from one place to the other.

Indeed, Tel Aviv isn’t a very big city, at least in European terms. Besides, it is fairly easy to get around. If you spend a few days there, you’ll most likely stumble upon a local complaining about the bad traffic and the poor public transport. But honestly, it’s not bad at all: there are decent working buses (well, except on Shabbat); there are easy to navigate bike lanes (if you rent a bike, stay on the designated lane as the local police regularly fines those riding on the street); and even on a very bad day traffic is not nearly as bad as it is in Rome, let alone Delhi.

Keep reading for my tips on where to stay in Tel Aviv.

where to stay in Tel Aviv

Looking for where to stay in Tel Aviv? Read on for my tips!

Where To Stay In Tel Aviv: The Best Accommodation Options By Area And Interests


Where to stay in Tel Aviv for: artists and hipsters

This is one of my favorite areas of Tel Aviv, and where I usually go for a drink or a night out with friends. Indeed, it’s packed with great bars, pubs and clubs.

Let alone the fact that Florentin is my personal choice for a hangout place, this is where to stay in Tel Aviv if you’d rather stay out of the main tourist circuit and want to experience an artsy, eccentric environment: some of the nicest restaurants in Tel Aviv are located in Florentin, and the area is famous for its street art (a street art tour in this part of town is a must!).

TIP: book yourself on a guided street art tour to admire art pieces such as 27 Club, which portrays Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse and Jimi Hendrix among others; and The Peace Kids, a mural representing Israelis and Palestinians holding hands.

These are some of the best street art tours of Tel Aviv that go to Florentin:

Florentin owes its artsy feel to the artists and youth that, at the beginning of the 1990s, started moving into the abandoned buildings – thus transforming what used to be a strictly industrial area into a bohémien one. Among the landmarks in the area there is Levinsky Market, which is a fantastic place for grocery shopping and street food (local and international).

Last but by far not least, Florentin is well connected by public transportation to the rest of the city, and there is an excellent selection of cheap hotels in Tel Aviv.

Here is where to stay in Tel Aviv Florentin:

accommodation in Tel Aviv

With its narrow cobbled alleys, Jaffa is truly charming. And it has some of the nicest boutique hotels in Tel Aviv


Where to stay in Tel Aviv for: history and culture lovers (and just about anybody else)

Before my Israeli friends snap at me, let me clarify one thing. Jaffa technically isn’t Tel Aviv, but a whole different city (that’s why it is called Tel Aviv – Yafo). Yet, they are attached to one another and it’s inevitable that people easily move between the two. You can stay in Tel Aviv and walk to Jaffa, or the other way around.

Anyways, back to us. I guess I have said that I am a massive fan of Florentin. Jaffa is another part of Tel Aviv I am obsessed with, packed as it is with those narrow, cobbled alleys and crumbling buildings I enjoy taking photos of (check out my Instagram feed to see what I mean). Jaffa is where to stay in Tel Aviv if you are keen on staying in a more historical part of town.

Jaffa is where Tel Aviv started. This harbor town was already mentioned in correspondence from Egypt in 1440 BC. It’s the most historical bit of Tel Aviv, and probably the most atmospheric one. Nowadays, Jaffa is becoming where to stay in Tel Aviv not just for travelers, but also for locals, who appreciate the fact that it is well connected to the rest of the city, it has the feel of a small town (while at the same time being packed with boutique shops, coffee shops bars, restaurants, and right by the beach) and it can be cheaper.

Among the places of interest worth mentioning there are the old train station, HaTachana; the Alhambra Cinema (a beautiful art déco building dating back to 1937); Al-Bahr Mosque; the Clock Tower; St. Peter’s Church and the historic home of Simon the Tanner. Last, but definitely not least, there is a beautiful flea market.

TIP: there are free guided walking tours of Jaffa that depart every day from the Clock Tower at 2:00 pm.

Here is where to stay in Tel Aviv / Jaffa:

Neve Tzedek

Where to stay in Tel Aviv for: shopaholic and trendsetters

Every time I am in Tel Aviv, I walk through Neve Tzedek on my way to the beach and I regularly end up lost while browsing through the many lovely boutiques and art galleries while eating a delicious ice cream. I love this part of Tel Aviv – it’s where my friends’ family is from (back in the day where there was nothing trendy here, but it was one of the poorest parts of town!), so I get treated to a very local experience whenever I visit.

Other than that, Neve Tzedek is where to stay in Tel Aviv in terms of location, as it is virtually walking distance from everything (you may have to walk a bit longer for some places, but it’s totally doable): the beach, the bars and clubs in Florentin, Rothschild Avenue and even Jaffa.

In other words, it is where to look for accommodation in Tel Aviv if it is your first time in the city and you are worried about navigating the transportation system. You’ll enjoy it even more if you are a bit of a trendsetter! The only downside to it is that as this is where most boutique hotels in Tel Aviv are located, prices are quite expensive.

Neve Tzedek is packed with bauhaus buildings, which are typical of Tel Aviv. Adding to its charm, there are the colorful buildings with the incredible backdrops of the skyscrapers in the distance. Among the places of interest there are Nachum Gutman Museum and the Rokach House, where you can learn a bit more about the history of Neve Tzedek.

TIP: one of the nicest things to do in Neve Tzedek is attending a show at the Suzanne Dellal center. Make sure to check the timetable in advance and buy tickets in advance.

Here is where to stay in Tel Aviv in Neve Tzedek:

where to stay in Tel Aviv

Tayelet is the perfect place to stay in Tel Aviv if you are looking for easy beach access


Where to stay in Tel Aviv for: beach bums (and families)

One of the perks of Tel Aviv is that it has a beautiful, long, sandy urban beach where it is nice to relax and swim in the summer, but which is a fantastic place to hang out in any season. Fitness junkies go there to run, bike, skate, play volleyball and what not; families take the kids for a walk (and take the dog along); and as soon as there is a wave, surfers all get in the water.

Last, but oh so not least, the sunsets are fabulous. And if this is not enough, you should also know that some of the nicest hotels in Tel Aviv are right by the beach.

TIP: rent a bike from any of the rental spots in town and bike along the Tayelet for a bit of fresh air. And if you really want to get all local, go for a game of matkot (a beach tennis kind of game) at the beach.

Tayelet is the beach front of Tel Aviv and some of the hotels in Tel Aviv (usually large hotels with all the comforts one may hope for) are in this area.

Here is a selection of where to stay in Tel Aviv if looking for easy access to the beach:

where to stay in Tel Aviv

A lot of good hotels in Tel Aviv are located near Habima

Lev Ha’ir

Where to stay in Tel Aviv for: anyone who wants to be in the center of action

Lev Ha’ir means “heart of the city” in Hebrew. This part of town is between Neve Tzedek, Florentin, Sarona, the North and Kerem Hateimanim. It’s one of the most lively areas of Tel Aviv, where Habima (the National Theater) is located, as well as the White City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with more than 4000 Bauhaus buildings. It’s also packed with coffee shops and bars.

In recent years, Lev Ha’ir has become the cultural and nightlife center of Tel Aviv, and many of the best hotels in Tel Aviv have appeared where there used to be abandoned buildings. Among the places of interest there are the Pagoda House; Kiryat HaSefer park; the Great Synagogue of Tel Aviv. Shopaholics may also go to Sheinkin Street, which is packed with boutiques.

TIP: Lev Ha’ir is where most political protests take place. It’s where to head if you care to know a bit more of the local sentiments.

Here is where to stay in Tel Aviv in the Lev Ha’ir area:

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Kerem HaTeimanim

Where to stay in Tel Aviv for: those in search of a truly local experience

Kerem HaTeimanim was built by Yemenite migrants at the end of the 19th century, and it actually is the first part of Tel Aviv that was built outside of Jaffa. This is where I always hang out when I am out with my friends Eyal and Aya, who – guess what – are Yemenite Jews.

What I love about Karem HaTeimanim is that among the chaos of Shuk HaCarmel and Allenby Street, there are some lovely smaller streets with beautiful old buildings, where time seems to have stopped. This is where to stay in Tel Aviv if looking for a good compromise in terms of location: it’s close to the beach, close to the action, and has retained all its authentic character.

TIP: one of the nicest bars to hang out in the area is Minzar, which is open till late every day. It serves good food at reasonable prices. The menu changes daily.

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Here is where to stay in Tel Aviv in Kerem HaTeimanim:

Have you ever been to Tel Aviv? What are your suggestions for where to stay in Tel Aviv?

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