15 Great Tel Aviv Beaches

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Israel is packed with beautiful, sandy beaches that make it a fantastic summer holiday destination. Running parallel to the city, Tel Aviv beaches are perfect for a few hours in the sun, to swim, to play sports (don’t miss a game of matkot, Israel’s favorite sport) and relax, pretty much throughout the year.

Go in the summer, and you will enjoy the warm waters of the Mediterranean. Travel in the winter and the beach is perfect for a walk or a run (the waterfront is perfect for that); to bike or skate; a fantastic sunset spot and charming even on a stormy day. This long stretch of fine sand is divided in various beaches, each of them with their own perks.

Tel Aviv beaches are all incredibly easy to access from the city – you can literally walk there from downtown, or hop on a bus; they are usually free; most are equipped with sun-beds, umbrellas and whatever else you may need for the day. And there are several nice restaurants where you can grab a bite and a drink. 

Curious to discover the nicest beaches in Tel Aviv? Here they are, listed from south to north.

Tel Aviv beaches

15 Fabulous Tel Aviv Beaches

Givat Aliya Beach

Located south of Old Jaffa and close to Bat Yam, you can get access this beach via a couple staircases that you will find on Bat Galim Street. It gets a mix crowd of both Jews and Israeli Arabs; young people who hang out there on weekdays and families with children at weekends.

The promenade above it is truly gorgeous, with ornate arches and palm trees. Not far from it you will find the Peres Center for Peace. There’s a volleyball court on the beach for the most sporty ones.

Jaffa Beach
Manta Ray Beach has gorgeous views of Old Jaffa

Ha’ Maravi Beach (Manta Ray Beach)

Ha’Maravi Beach is known locally as Manta Ray Beach. This is the last stretch of sand before you get to Old Jaffa. You will love the impressive views of Old Jaffa – especially if you go at sunset. 

There are no wave breakers here, so this is a favorite spot for surfers. The lack of wave breakers on the other hand means the current can get quite strong. Since there is no lifeguard on duty, don’t go in the water unless you are a very good swimmer. 

Alma Beach 

Not far from Ha’ Maravi beach and right before Dolphinarium beach, Alma Beach is one of the nicest beaches in Tel Aviv for dogs. It is nice stretch of sand where you won’t find sun-beds or lifeguards on duty. It’s a favorite of people living in Jaffa. Go during the weekend and you’ll spot them enjoying a barbecue and party in the park right above it.

Tel Aviv beach
Tel Aviv beach as seen from Jaffa

Dolphinarium Beach (Hof HaTofim)

This is a favorite of the surfer community, as there is a surfing club right on the sand. It’s the kind of place where you can expect to see people playing hula hoops, belly dancing, drums (there is a drum festival every Friday!) and the like – so not exactly a quiet place. But it has a really cool vibe, so it is definitely worth checking out. Keep in mind there are no facilities at all.

Banana Beach

This is one of my favorite beaches in town. It is next to Dolphinarium in case you want to catch some action, but a bit quieter. You will find a beach volleyball court as well as sun-beds and chairs to relax; Clara Beach Bar serves great food and drinks; and the sunset from this exact spot is just incredible. It’s a favorite of both locals and tourists.

Jerusalem (Geula) Beach

Jerusalem Beach is easy to reach and to access from the promenade (there even is wheelchair access). It is located in front of the hotel strip and since there are wave breakers it is one of the best beaches in town if you enjoy swimming and want to do that in a safe environment. It’s also a popular place to play matkot. 

The fitness area, lifeguard and supervisors on duty, showers and lockers are all added bonuses to ensure you have a perfect stay. 

Surfing is not allowed at Jerusalem Beach.

Jerusalem Beach
Catching the sunset from one of Tel Aviv beaches is a must!

Trumpeldor Beach

Right by Trumpeldor Street you will find this lovely beach which has a truly relaxed atmosphere. There is nothing in the way of services so you have to bring your own towel and drinks – but keep in mind the nearby beaches are well equipped. 

Bograshov Beach

You will recognize Bograshov Beach by the cool buildings. It is one of the most popular beaches in town, especially at weekends. So, if you want to get an idea of what the city is all about, be sure to go there. Close to the beach there are many nice restaurants and bars.

If you are after some delicious food, head to the Thai House on the corner of Bograshov. Be sure to book in advance as it is always packed.

Frishman Beach

This beach is right next to Bograshov and in front of Dan Tel Aviv Hotel, the colorful iconic building you may have seen in many photos – not to mention one of the best hotels in town (the views are truly unbeatable). It gets really busy in the summer months. 

The beach is fully equipped with anything you may need for a perfect day – umbrellas, sun-beds, bathrooms and more. There is a lifeguard on duty and first aid in case you get stung by a jellyfish. For the sporty ones there is a beach volleyball court and a fitness trail, and the ever-present matkot. 

The water is nice and shallow, making it perfect for families with small children. 

best beaches in Tel Aviv
A sunny day at Tel Aviv beach

Gordon Beach

Gordon Beach is where you will find the legendary Gordon Pool – one of the coolest pools you can ever hope to swim in. It’s a 50 meters long open air pool with salt water, perfect for swimming and with an abundance of umbrellas and sun-beds and an international as well as local crowd. 

The beach itself gets quite busy in the summer, as it is very central and located right in front of the strip of hotels. It is well equipped with whatever you may need for a relaxing day. There is a lifeguard on duty, a volleyball court and a fitness trail. You can rent SUP and kayaks at the nearby marina. And if you want a bite, there are plenty of eateries nearby.

Hilton Beach

Known to be the best gay beach in Tel Aviv, this is indeed a cool place to spend your day whatever your sexual preferences. 

Located in front of Hilton Tel Aviv Hotel, it can be accessed from Metzizim Beach and it is also wheelchair accessible. It is fully equipped and there is a lifeguard on duty. It’s popular among surfers, and one of the most dog-friendly beaches. 

The Sea Center Place on Hilton Beach is the place to go if you want to learn how to surf, windsurf or want to go kayaking. 

best beaches in Tel Aviv
A fantastic sunset on Tel Aviv beach

Religious Beach

Religious Beach is the only beach in Tel Aviv entirely meant for the most religious communities. It is surrounded by walls so that nobody can spy on guests, and there are designated days for men and women use. Religious people won’t go to the beach on Shabbat (the 24 hours between sunset on Friday and Saturday), so others can enjoy it then.

Mezizim Beach

Mezizim Beach has the same name of one of the restaurants on the location. It’s located close to Tel Aviv Port (one of the most fun places to hang out in town, in both summer and winter). You will find a playground and shallow waters, so it is perfect for families with children. There are toilet facilities; sun-beds and umbrellas; a bar serving food; and a very chilled atmosphere. 

best beaches in tel aviv
A winter day at the beach

Tel Baruch Beach

Until not long ago, Tel Baruch was burdened with criminality and prostitution. Now, the beach is a favorite of local families with children. It’s located a bit north of the center, so it can only really be accessed by car. There is a large parking lot nearby, and you have to pay a small fee to get in – though the beach is completely free for Tel Aviv residents. The beach is equipped with a fitness area and a nice restaurant. 

Tzuk Beach

Similarly to Tel Baruch, this beach is only free for Tel Aviv residents and you will need a car to get there. The lack of wave breakers make it a great place for surfers, but it is not ideal for swimming.

Tel Aviv beaches

A Few Tips To Enjoy Tel Aviv Beaches

Apply sunscreen

The sun can be really strong in Israel and the last thing you need is getting sunburnt as that will ruin your vacation. Make sure to apply sunscreen before going to the beach – dermatologists usually recommend to apply it around 20 minutes before sun exposure and to reapply it every couple of hours and any time after you swim. Use a high factor sunblock with a dry finish such as this one

Pick up your garbage 

Things have improved a lot in recent years and beaches in Tel Aviv are much cleaner than they used to be, but you will find the occasional trash here and there. Do your bit and use the trash bins scattered along the beach or – if you can’t find any – pack up your trash and bring it home with you. The same goes for cigarette buts – in fact, you should quit smoking!

Tel Aviv beaches
Tel Aviv beaches are perfectly equipped with anything you may need for a perfect day

Don’t bring any valuables

Beaches are the favorite playground of local pickpockets. I can’t even remember how many of my friends have had their phone, wallet or bag stolen. You need to be especially careful if you go to the beach by yourself. So, here are a few tips:

  • Don’t bring anything valuable;
  • Befriend your beach neighbors and ask them to look after your stuff if you decide to go for a quick swim;
  • Use the lockers – most of the beaches mentioned in this post have lockers where you can store your valuables.

A friend of mine goes as far as actually burying his stuff in the sand whenever he goes swimming (he packs it up in a plastic bag, digs a hole and then place his towel above it) but I honestly don’t recommend doing this!

Watch out for jellyfish

Jellyfish (medusot in Hebrew) are a real issue in Tel Aviv, especially in July and August – the hottest months. You really can’t do anything about it. Fishing them out of the water and killing them is an irresponsible practice. simply stay out of water then there is jellyfish. For more recommendations on what to do in case you get stung or to prevent it, you may want to read this.

Be respectful of other people

Tel Aviv beaches can get very crowded in the summer months and there will be people who listen to loud music, play ball games and lift a lot of sand. Just make sure not to be that kind of person! 

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