Seven Antigua All Inclusive For The Perfect Holiday

An Antigua all inclusive is all about comfort and the little pleasures in life.

I have recently come back from my Antigua holidays, during which I got to know an island that is nothing short of amazing; packed with adventurous things to do; where the people are truly wonderful and there are many gorgeous beaches – which are just one of its many treasures.

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One of the things I didn’t think I’d enjoy but ended up loving was staying in an Antigua all inclusive: it perfectly served its purpose, with a lovely room facing a fantastic garden and overlooking the ocean; a bunch of nice restaurants and bars where I could meet my friends and eat good food and have one too many rum punches; and the possibility of organizing expeditions around the island.

During my time on the island, I also had the opportunity to explore a few more Antigua all inclusive resorts. So this post is for those who are planning their holidays in Antigua and aren’t quite sure which Antigua all inclusive they should pick.

Indeed, while any Antigua all inclusive typically has comfortable and cozy rooms, one or more swimming pools to relax or exercise, bars and restaurants for a nice night out, the location can vary a lot – some are blissfully isolated, others are right on one of the best beaches in Antigua.

This is to say that not all Antigua resorts are the same. In this post, I aim to provide some insightful information about the nicest Antigua all inclusive to help anybody who’s planning a trip to this gorgeous Caribbean island make an informed decision when booking their accommodation. Keep in mind my list is absolutely non exhaustive, and there’s an element of my personality and preferences in the selection of the Antigua all inclusive resorts I recommend!

Most of the Antigua resorts described in this post are property of Elite Island Resorts, who has recently launched the incredible choir retreat holidays, where guests can join a choir led by professional vocal coach Mike King – just a reminder of the many things to do in Antigua.

Antigua all inclusive
All Antigua all inclusive resorts have access to splendid beaches

The Best Antigua All Inclusive For The Perfect Holiday

The Pineapple Beach Club

This is my favorite Antigua all inclusive, though I am highly biased since it is the place where I spent most of my time while on the island. The Pineapple Beach Club is part of the Elite Island Resorts group; it is located on Long Bay, one of the best beaches in Antigua, right outside the nice small village of Willokee and at about 20 minutes drive from the international airport.

What I love about this, among all Antigua resorts, is that it provides a full Caribbean experience, with buildings in the traditional style of the island (wooden and colorful) and all located around lush gardens, and providing views of the ocean or even beachfront. The property is quite large, but all rooms are at a stone’s throw from the beach.

This is an adults only Antigua all inclusive – meaning that only 16+ and above are allowed to stay on the property. It’s ideal for a relaxing escapes and perfect for couples and families who either don’t have kids, or have left them at home and want to take a break from their parenthood duties.

During my time at Pineapple Beach Club I was able to check out a few rooms. Some have been built recently, and are a bit more modern than others. All are comfortable, anyways, as in any proper Antigua all inclusive resort. All rooms have a large bed, a TV, a telephone, a coffee and tea maker (with actual good coffee!), a safe, a shower or tub and a hair dryer.

It may seem like a small thing, but the coffee maker did make a difference to me. Especially at the very beginning of my holidays I was battling jet-lag, so I enjoyed a very early morning coffee in the comfort of my porch, facing the park and the ocean. One more reason to love this Antigua all inclusive.

At Pineapple Beach Club there’s a variety of dining options. One thing that friends who stayed at other resorts envied me for was the fact that the main restaurant is on a terrace right on the beach. Having sea views while eating is certainly a perk of staying at this incredible Antigua all inclusive. If I am not a massive fan of the buffet (never mind me, I am a picky eater!) I enjoyed the food at the Pineapple Grill, the finest restaurant in the resort; and I loved the fast food (which actually has plenty of healthy choices) at the place right behind the main bar.

The Oathouse is another place that makes the Pineapple Beach Club an amazing Antigua all inclusive: it’s a barbeque style place located on a hill from where there’s incredible views of the beach below.

Among the activities offered at Pineapple Beach Club there’s hobiecat sailing; kayaking; paddle boarding; snorkeling on the off shore reef. There’s also tennis courts and a fitness centre. This Antigua all inclusive resort also helps organize trips around the island for an additional price.

Last, but not least, all personnel at the Pineapple Beach Club is incredibly kind and friendly, making it a great choice among the many Antigua resorts.

In short: of all Antigua all inclusive resorts, the Pineapple Beach Club is perfect for people who aren’t traveling with children and are looking for a fantastic beach right at their doorstep, and care to have a good choice of restaurants.

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Antigua resorts
A room with a view is almost for granted in a fabulous Antigua all inclusive

The Verandah Resort and Spa

On the other side of the same road where Pineapple Beach Club is located, there’s another Antigua all inclusive belonging to the Elite Island Resorts group. The Verandah Resort and Spa is located on the north east coast of Antigua, on a property that borders the famous Devil’s Bridge National Park and that is so large that it has its own secluded hiking trails and that at times feels like a labirynth to explore.

What I truly liked about this Antigua all inclusive is the easy going atmosphere, with a nice bar right on the beach; and the feeling of being in a small (or shall I say large, given how big the resort is?!) village. Another quite important reason to love the Verandah is that it’s adopted a green policy of recycling and not wasting plastic – something that shouldn’t go unnoticed in an ever so polluted world.

Contrary to the Pineapple Beach Club, the Verandah welcomes families with children, who can enjoy the large pool (one of the largest in Antigua) or the tranquil waters of the bay and who can also be left in day care at the resort Kidz Club, where there’s a playground and a splash pool. There’s also babysitting services for an extra charge – not a bad thing for an Antigua all inclusive!

Verandah rooms are lovely. What makes it one of the best Antigua all inclusive resorts is the choice of accommodation, with 3 kinds of rooms: hillside, waterview and waterfront. There even are two bedroom villas, perfect for families, and two-bedroom plunge pool villas. All rooms have coffee making facilities, safes, showers or tubs, a phone and the most comfortable bed, and a lovely balcony to relax.

The Verandah has three restaurants: a buffet style restaurant; Buccaneer which offers tasty Caribbean style food, and the elegant Nicole’s. Matching the restaurants, there’s 3 different bars. Easy to see why this is a great choice among Antigua resorts.

At the Verandah Resort and Spa a wide range of activities is on offer: there’s tennis courts; a fitness club; snorkelling and kayaking; paddle boarding; windsurfing and hobie cat sailing. Tours of the island can be arranged for an additional price and there’s also a rental car agency right behind the main reception area. Boat rides can be taken to Green Island and Bird Island – easy to see why this is an incredible Antigua all inclusive.

In short: of all Antigua all inclusive resorts, the Verandah Resort and Spa is perfect for families with children and offers a lot of activities on the site or right near it.

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Antigua all inclusive resorts
Location is everything for an Antigua all inclusive

Galley Bay Resort and Spa

Galley Bay is an award winning Antigua all inclusive, part of the Elite Island Resorts group, located on a very intimate location on the Caribbean sea, which I loved because of its refined yet never pretentious atmosphere. It is located on a gorgeous beach, one of the best beaches in Antigua, and surrounded by lush tropical gardens, complete of a lagoon and a bird sanctuary. The property strives to be eco-friendly, and even has an on site fruit and vegetable garden.

Galley Bay Resort and Spa is located on the west coast, which means that the sunset views are splendid. I had incredible sunrise views at the Pineapple Beach Club, but I have to say that admiring the sunset is one of the nicest things to do in Antigua – making this Galley Bay a perfect Antigua all inclusive.

The reception area is located right next to a historic sugar mill, and a wooden causeway leads all the way to the cottages, passing the lagoon. There’s 98 rooms, all within tropical gardens and the overall impression is one of tranquility and privacy. All rooms have easy beach access – a nice addition to an already perfect Antigua all inclusive resort. Some rooms face the lagoon, others face the beach.

The Superior, Deluxe and Premium Suites are located directly on the sand. I experienced a room right on the sand when I travelled to Mexico’s Yucatan, and I truly enjoyed stepping right on the beach as soon as I was awake – so it is easy to see why I think this is one of the best Antigua resorts.

There are three open-air beachfront restaurants and two lounges, all serving delicious food. The best to me is Ismay’s, named after the oldest member of staff. There’s obviously live entertainment, cocktail and barbecue parties – in line with other Antigua all inclusive resorts. There’s even weekly movie nights, with a cinema set right there on the sand – I think the only time I saw something similar was in the Maldives.

In line with the tranquility of Galley Bay Resort and Spa, all the water sports on offer are non-motorised. Among them, there’s hobie cat sailing, snorkeling, paddle boarding and kayak. There’s a gorgeous swimming pool and some jogging trails and tennis courts, making it the best Antigua all inclusive for active travelers. Activities on offer to guests for an additional price include island tours, catamaran cruises and zip lining.

In short: among Antigua all inclusive resorts, Galley Bay Resort and Spa is perfect for those who are seeking tranquility in an elegant yet easygoing setting, and those who care about environmental protection.

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Antigua resorts
A good Antigua all inclusive is bound to have stunning sunrise or sunset views

St. James’s Club and Villas

St. James’s is located on the south-east coast of Antigua, and it is known as one of the best Antigua all inclusive resorts thanks to its outstanding service. Part of the Elite Island Resorts group, it caters to any kind of traveler – families, couples and even singles. It’s the kind of place where visitors can completely unwind from the stress of every day life and an ideal place to enjoy all that Antigua has to offer: the beaches as well as the inland adventures.

The resort is located on two incredible Antigua beaches – Coco beach and Malmora bay. It boasts four pools, three of them adults only, and all of them with views of the ocean. There’s also four tennis courts and a fitness center with a yoga deck: in other words, it a great Antigua all inclusive for those who like to stay fit even when on holidays.

There’s 247 guest rooms, suites and villas – some of them are incredibly luxurious and perfect for honeymooners, making it one of the best Antigua all inclusive resorts for a romantic getaway.

Families with children appreciate the Kidz Club (and the babysitting for an additional fee), where children are entertained by trained stuff with a wide range of fun activities: they can stay there even for dinner, giving parents the chance to have a nice romantic dinner in one of the resorts restaurants. Easy to see why this is a top Antigua all inclusive for families with children.

Speaking of dinner, there’s four incredible restaurants, one of them is the lovely Italian style (with a touch of Caribbean) Piccolo Mondo.

On offer, there’s a range of non-motorised watersports, a dive-shop and guests can also book catamaran expeditions. Last but not least, there’s the fantastic Tranquility Body & Soul Spa, where unique treatments are done, using locally-sourced products. Easy to see why the St. James’s Club and Villas deserve a mention as a fabulous Antigua all inclusive.

In short: St. James’s is the perfect Antigua all inclusive for those seeking a romantic place, away from all the chaos of their daily life.

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Antigua all inclusive resorts
These are not the rooms of any Antigua all inclusive – just a lovely mall!

Jolly Beach Resort And Spa

What makes Jolly Beach Resort and Spa one of the top Antigua all inclusive resorts is the fact that all rooms face the ocean and that it is set on a mile long, white, sandy beach with pristine turquoise waters – thought to be not only one of the best beaches in Antigua, but also in the Caribbean.

The resort is located at around half hour drive from the international airport and boasts a whopping 464 rooms, that go from supersaver to beachfront cottages – in other words, it caters to any need and any budget. All rooms have a private balcony (I love my own balcony – the best place to drink my morning coffee!), a mini-fridge, coffee and tea makers, in room wi-fi (perfect for internet junkies like me), a safe and obviously a tub or a shower.

There’s five great restaurants, including a buffet and Bocciolo, which serves Italian food (and as it is expected, I think Italian is one of the best cuisines in the world). I also love the Antiguan buffet brunch on Sundays. I actually could have it every day. And as if this is not enough, there’s also Margarita, a Mexican style restaurant that opens every day for dinner. I am a lover of all things Mexico, so just this is enough for qualifying Jolly Beach as an incredible Antigua all inclusive.

Adding to the food choice there’s the bars, with award winning bartenders – not something to underestimate, as drinking good cocktails is one of the things to do in Antigua.

As if the amazing beach were not enough, there’s two swimming pools, a spa (at additional costs) and a wellness center, and a wide variety of tours are on offer for guests at an additional cost. Watersports that can be practiced include hobie cat sailing, windsurfing and even pedal boats. There’s also a gym, tennis and even basketball courts. Last but not least, there’s a Kids and Teenz Club, so that parents know they can take a break from their children.

In short: Jolly Beach Resort and Spa is the perfect Antigua all inclusive resort for just about anybody – but foodies will love the many dining options.

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South Point Antigua

I love this resort. The main reason is that it feels more like a boutique hotel. It’s part of the Antigua Yacht Club Marina in Falmouth Harbour. Thanks to its location you get incredible views of the bay.

The rooms are all suites, each incredible beautiful. 23 of them are open plan units, others have two bedrooms. The overall impression is that of renting luxury apartments rather than actual hotel rooms. All of the units have a perfectly equipped kitchen, in case you decide to cook your own meals. But worry not! The chef of the resort is available to cook for you. 

There is a Mediterranean and a Middle-Eastern restaurant, and a sushi bar. 

The hotel boasts a swimming pool and a private beach, where you can practice all sorts of water sports. 

In short: South Point Antigua is the perfect place to stay if you are looking for more of a homey feeling and atmosphere.

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I hope this post is helpful, either for daydreaming a bit, or for deciding on the best Antigua all inclusive for your holidays in Antigua.

Cocos Hotel Antigua

Located on a hill overlooking the sea, boasting access to incredible white sand beaches with shallow clear waters, this adults only resort is for couples only. There are 34 cottages which have a rustic feel, yet are very luxurious. 

Each cottage has its own deck, hammocks, chairs – no better place to enjoy the views. Some cottages have a private infinity pool. 

The on-site restaurant serves Caribbean stables prepared using strictly local ingredients. 

In short: Cocos Hotel Antigua is perfect if you are traveling with your better half and want an adults only place.

Click here to read more reviews about South Point Antigua. And click on this link to check availability and best rates.

There’s a small restaurant on-site with a Caribbean menu using locally sourced produce and products.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means I might earn a small commission if you buy a product/service via one of my links (at absolutely no extra cost to you). 

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Discover the best all inclusive resorts in Antigua - via @clautavani
Discover the best Antigua all inclusive - via @clautavani

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