A Complete Guide To Where To Stay In Bogota

where to stay in Bogota

Deciding where to stay in Bogota can be challenging. But with my tips, you won’t have any issue finding a great place to stay. Once thought to be too dangerous to deserve a visit, Bogota, the capital of Colombia, has been working hard to shake off its bad reputation and in recent years it has … Read more

6 Areas Where To Find Accommodation In Knysna

accommodation in Knysna

Finding good accommodation in Knysna is easy. The city has a great selection of places to stay, scattered around town, for any taste, budget and need. You can be sure that you’ll find something for you, so that you can make the most of your time on this beautiful spot along the Garden Route – … Read more

16 Best Airbnbs In London

Best Airbnbs in London

There are many excellent apartment rentals and Airbnbs in London, and should you be visiting the city you really should definitely opt to stay in one instead of going to a hotel. London is a fantastic city, that will steal your heart with the incredible range of attractions and things to do. Yet it is … Read more

A Complete Guide To Where To Stay In Bali

where to stay in Bali

Picking where to stay in Bali is absolutely essential to ensure that you have a wonderful vacation. I think the biggest mistake I made when I visited was not researching properly on where I should be staying. Unfortunately, I ended up in areas I didn’t enjoy and hotels that were not up to my standards … Read more

A Complete Guide To Where To Stay In Mykonos

where to stay in mykonos

Finding where to stay in Mykonos is easier than you can imagine. Packed with gorgeous beaches with the clearest waters; nice narrow cobbled alleys; shops, cafés and restaurants galore and with a thriving nightlife, this beautiful island is a great holiday destination. However, it’s also the most popular island among the Cyclades and one of … Read more

Where To Stay In Lima

where to stay in Lima best hotels is Lima safe

With a population that is close to 11 million, Lima is one of the largest cities in the world, and the third largest city in South America. The capital of Peru is chaotic, charming and truly eclectic, with shiny skyscrapers standing just next to beautiful colonial buildings. A city so vast will come with many … Read more

Where To Stay In Cusco, Peru

things to do in Cusco Peru

Are you looking for where to stay in Cusco? One of the most visited cities in Peru, Cusco is a truly wonderful place. With a unique look that mixes Inca and colonial style architecture, the city will impress you with beautiful churches; excellent museums; airy squares; colorful, lively markets – all surrounded by the peaks … Read more