The Best Food In Naples

food in Naples

Locals say that even the air you breathe makes you get fat in Naples. I can’t swear to that, but I can definitely swear that food in Naples is delicious, abundant, varied and that it would be an absolute pity to visit the city and not make the most of all of its flavors. A … Read more

How To Get From Naples To Pompeii

from Naples to Pompeii

The ruins of Pompeii are easy to visit on a day trip from Naples. If you are looking for the best way of getting from Naples to Pompeii, you are in the right place! In this post I will share all the available transportation options to move from the city to the archeological site in … Read more

How To Get Pompeii Tickets

Pompeii Tickets

Getting Pompeii tickets is actually very easy! Pompeii Archaeological Park is the site of the ruins of the ancient city that was destroyed in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. It’s one of the top attractions in all of Italy and one of the most fascinating ancient sites in the world. It’s a can’t miss attraction … Read more

What You Must Know Before Visiting Pompeii Italy

Pompeii Italy

It’s pretty safe to say that Pompeii is the most fascinating attraction in Italy. It might even be safe to say it’s one of the most fascinating attractions in the entire world. Situated about 30 minutes away from Naples in the Campania region of southern Italy, Pompeii is an archaeological site where the remains of … Read more

14 Easy Day Trips From Naples

day trips from Naples

There are many incredible day trips from Naples that you can take – whatever your interests and budget, and regardless of the season you are visiting. The capital of Campania is an excellent base to explore some of the most famous archeological sites in Italy; a plethora of charming coastal towns; royal palaces and nearby … Read more

The Perfect Itinerary to See Naples In One Day

things to do in Naples Italy

Naples is a big city and there’s so much to see and do that it seems impossible that one could possibly experience all of Naples in one day only – in fact, it isn’t! However, if you only have one day in Naples and want to see this beautiful, historic city in southern Italy, you … Read more

A Guide To Renting A Car In Naples

renting a car in Naples

Are you thinking of renting a car in Naples but worry that this may not be a good idea? Despite common misconception, car rental in Naples is easy and not nearly as expensive as you may think. While having a car in the city per se is hardly necessary (and in fact you may find … Read more

Is Naples Safe?

Is Naples Safe

Is Naples Safe? If you are traveling to Naples soon, and especially solo, you have probably been wondering. Naples is a beautiful Italian city with a real Italian feel. But it does have a bad reputation. Even Conde Nast Traveler stated in an article that “its gritty image keeps many visitors away.” Indeed, it does … Read more