A Useful Guide To Hiking Laguna Humantay

Laguna Humantay

Laguna Humantay is a stunning glacial lake surrounded by dramatic mountain peaks that can be visited on day trips from Cusco or as part of the very challenging Salkantay trek. The Laguna Humantay is famed for its bright turquoise color with a backdrop of often snow capped mountains, and easily one of the most breathtaking … Read more

A Quick Guide To Ollantaytambo Peru

Ollantaytambo Peru day trips from Cusco

Easily my favorite town in the Sacred Valley of Peru, Ollantaytambo is just a couple of hours drive from Cusco. Most travelers only spend a few hours there, usually visiting on day trips around the Sacred Valley before either returning to Cusco or continuing to Aguas Calientes, from where they then visit Machu Picchu. It’s … Read more

12 Unmissable Things To Do In Nazca Peru

things to do in Nazca Peru

While most travelers typically spend just enough time in Nazca to fly over the world famous, UNESCO protected Nazca Lines (after Machu Picchu one of the most visited places in Peru), and then quickly move on to other destinations, there actually are many more things to do in Nazca, Peru. In fact, it may be … Read more

The Best Things To Do In Peru

things to do in Peru

There are many incredible things to do in Peru. This is one of the best countries to visit in South America, with a lot to offer. You can visit beautiful cities, discover the fantastic culture, see beautiful landscapes and do great adventurous activities. What makes Peru so unique is the fact that you can still … Read more

A Guide To Huacachina Sandboarding, Peru

Huacachina sandboarding

A Huacachina sandboarding tour is a lot of fun – even is you aren’t into sandboarding (and actually, even if you don’t really know what that is!). I knew very little about sandboarding, not to mention about Huacaghina, before I visited, but quickly decided to join in the fun when offered the opportunity to do … Read more

The Best Day Trips From Lima

Islas Ballestas tour day trips from Lima

Many people will tell you Lima is not worth visiting, and suggest you should spend at most two nights there to recover from your long flight before moving on to more interesting places in Peru. I disagree with them – in fact, I find Lima to be one of the most interesting, fascinating cities in … Read more

33 Incredible Things To Do In Lima, Peru

Things to do in Lima Peru

There are many incredible things to do in Lima, Peru. Some travelers will suggest that the Peruvian capital is not worth more than a day or two and advise to get out of it quickly to devote more time to other, more popular destinations in the country. But I disagree. Lima is definitely worth seeing. … Read more

Where To Stay In Lima

where to stay in Lima best hotels

With a population that is close to 11 million, Lima is one of the largest cities in the world, and the third largest city in South America. The capital of Peru is chaotic, charming and truly eclectic, with shiny skyscrapers standing just next to beautiful colonial buildings. A city so vast will come with many … Read more