19 Best Things To Know Before You Visit Colombia

Ciudad Perdida Trek visit Colombia

Are you getting ready for an upcoming trip to Colombia? Do you want to be as prepared as possible? You may have many questions if you’ve never traveled to Colombia. You could wonder about safety, weather, food, things to do, or how to pack. It might feel overwhelming when you’re just in the planning stage, … Read more

A Guide To Palermo Buenos Aires: 12 Best Things To Do

Palermo Buenos Aires

Palermo is easily my favorite barrio (neighborhood) in Buenos Aires. It’s an incredibly green part of the city – you realize how many parks there are here when you fly over, and land in the Jorge Newbery Airport (which is in Palermo, by the way). The name of the area derives from the Franciscan abbey … Read more

Is Cartagena Safe For Tourists?

Is Cartagena safe

Is Cartagena safe? While all major cities in Colombia don’t have the best reputations, Cartagena has also earned a very negative reputation for having high-crime rates, aggressive vendors, and abundant cartel activities. The negative reputation isn’t all dumb-founded; there is undoubtedly some truth to it. But Cartagena isn’t all bad. In fact, Cartagena is a … Read more

Is Bogota Safe?

Is Bogota Safe?

Is Bogota safe? Colombia, and practically all major Colombian cities, have earned a rough and wild reputation for violence, drug use, and kidnappings throughout the years. But the truth is, today’s Colombia isn’t the same Colombia of the 1990s. Violence and homicide rates have decreased over the last 20-30 years. The World Bank published data … Read more

Is Medellin Safe?

things to do in Medellin Colombia is Medellin safe where to stay in Medellin

Is Medellin safe? You’ve certainly heard some horror stories about Colombia and the Colombian cartel. In fact, anytime I talk about Colombia or Medellin to someone, they reference the Netflix show, Narcos. Medellin is the home of Pablo Escobar, the king of the drug cartel in the 1980s. He practically put Medellin on the map. … Read more

Is Colombia Safe?

Taganga Colombia Is Colombia Safe

Is Colombia safe? When I told my friends I’d be visiting Colombia, they asked me if I was out of my mind. Colombia has a reputation for being a rough, wild, and lawless country. But this isn’t always true. While Colombia certainly has its issues (typically revolving around cartel violence, police corruption, and petty theft), … Read more

The Best Colombian Food To Try

Colombian food

Colombian food is certainly not world famous. The country is not renowned for its traditional dishes, but there are still a lot of unique dishes, street food, spices, and fruits to find throughout Colombia. One of the best ways to learn about a culture and a country is to try the most popular local dishes. … Read more

A Useful Guide To Taganga, Colombia

Taganga Colombia Is Colombia Safe

Taganga is a small fishing village of about 6,000 people in northern Colombia. While Taganga is relatively small, its character and opportunities have expanded over the years as more tourists, foreigners, and backpackers flock to the low-key village. And despite its size, there is a lot to do in this little town. Something is here … Read more