A Guide To Hiking Laguna De Los Tres / Mount Fitz Roy, El Chalten

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Are you looking to hike the Laguna de los Tres? Is hiking Fitz Roy one of your dreams? I have you covered!

I had been dreaming of hiking to Laguna de Los Tres, the base of Mount Fitz Roy, in Argentinian Patagonia, since my first trip to Argentina in 2012. I wasn’t able to make it all the way to El Chalten back then – It took me another trip to Argentina to finally make this dream come true. On one of Flash Pack’s trips to Argentina I met 4 other fierce women and together we hiked to the base of Fitz Roy, on the Laguna de Los Tres Trail.

It was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life, and to date, the most incredible hike I have ever done. In this post, I highlight everything you should know to hike to Laguna de Los Tres and reach the base of Mount Fitz Roy (or Cerro Fitz Roy, as it is called locally).

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Fitz Roy
The view of Fitz Roy from a distance

Some Background Information on Mount Fitz Roy

Mount Fitz Roy is located in the Andes Mountain Range, between Argentina (where it is part of the Parque Nacional Los Glaciares) and Chile and close to the tiny town of El Chalten, in the region of Patagonia. With its 3,405 meters (11,171 feet) and a prominence of 2,000 meters (6,561 feet), it’s a mighty mountain and on a clear day you can see even it from a far distance.

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The original name of the Cerro Fitz Roy is Chalten, which in the Aoniken language means “smoking mountain.” The name referred to the clouds that normally form around the peaks. Mount Fitz Roy was a sacred mountain to the Mapuche indigenous peoples that used to live in the region.

The name Fitz Roy was assigned by Argentine explorer Francisco Moreno in 1877: he named the mountain in honor of Robert FitzRoy, captain of the Beagle, who travelled up the Santa Cruz River in 1834.

Together with the rest of Patagonia, Fitz Roy is considered to be a climbers’ paradise. However, several recent incidents that resulted in the death of four climbers are a reminder of how unpredictably dangerous this part of the world can be.

Fitz Roy
The impressive view of Mount Fitz Roy from Laguna de Los Tres.

Hiking To Laguna De Los Tres, The Base Of Fitz Roy

Hiking remains one of the top things to do in Patagonia. The trail to Laguna de Los Tres is the one that goes all the way to the base of Mount Fitz Roy. The starting point is of the trail is on the Northwestern side of El Chalten, where you’ll find a big sign saying “Sendero al Fitz Roy” (trail to Fitz Roy). This is the trail that most people follow.

Alternatively, you can start walking from Hostaria El Pilar on a trail that goes all the way to El Chalten. This is located north of El Chalten, at around 14 km (8.7 miles) from the town on Ruta 41. A taxi to get from El Chalten to Hosteria El Pilar should cost no more than 1200 ARS (Argentinian Pesos), which at the time of writing is around $10 USD.

I followed the trail that starts in Hostaria El Pilar, but the walking distance and walking time are more or less the same whichever trail you decide to follow.

If you follow the trail that starts in Hostaria El Pilar, for about two hours you will walk along the banks of the Rio Blanco, through a beautiful shady forest. At about halfway you’ll find the first viewpoint, Mirador Piedras Blanca, from where you get the first incredible peak of Fitz Roy.

Once at Campamento Poincenot, a camping site where some hikers spend the night to then have a very early start to Laguna de Los Tres, the trail splits in two: one trail goes up all the way to Laguna de Los Tres at the base of Mount Fitz Roy, and one continues to Laguna Capri and then back to El Chalten.

To go up to Laguna de Los Tres you’ll have to cross the river (you can refill on your water there) and then reach the base of the trail to Laguna de Los Tres.

Once down, you will have to follow the signs to Laguna Capri to walk back to El Chalten. Before reaching Laguna Capri (where there is another camping site), right at a sign that marks km 5 of the trail, you can take a short detour to go to Chorrillo del Salto, a beautiful waterfall. There’s no marked trail, but you can follow the roar of the water and it is fairly easy to find.

From Laguna Capri, the walk is mostly downhill, first through the forest and then along an easy trail (the same you’d take if you follow the trail starting in El Chalten).

Fitz Roy
The hike to the base of Fitz Roy is long, mostly easy but with a very tough ascent to the lagoon.

Practical Facts for hiking Fitz Roy / Laguna de Los Tres

Like all other hikes in Patagonia, the one to Laguna de Los Tres is free.

Overall walking distance: Depending on whether you walk the trail from El Chalten or from Hostaria el Pilar, the overall walking distance is either 26 or 24 km (between 15 and 16 miles).

Overall walking time: 8 hours, including various stops for photos, rest, lunch and to admire the views.

Food and drinks: You will have to carry your food and drinks for the duration your Fitz Roy trek . With regards to water, you can refill at the river – all guides ensure the water is pristine and safe to drink.

There are no toilets along the way, save for a hole in the ground kind of toilet right at the base of the trail to Laguna de Los Tres. There are no garbage bins either, so make sure to carry an extra bag to dispose of your tissues, toilet paper and any other garbage, and take it back to El Chalten.

Mount Fitz Roy Laguna de los Tres
The beautiful Chorrillo del Salto is one of the nicest sights during the hike to the base of Fitz Roy.

The Sights

Throughout the Fitz Roy hike, the views are incredible. The first part of the trail is mostly through a beautiful, thick forest and in the shade. You’ll get the first peak of the mighty Mount Fitz Roy from Mirador Piedras Blancas.

Once at Laguna Los Tres the view of Mount Fitz Roy is simply breathtaking, and you will feel rewarded for all the effort of walking up the trail. It’s the perfect lunch spot, too!

At km 5 of the main trail, a short detour goes to Chorrillo del Salto, a beautiful waterfall with a nice swimming hole (though the water is mighty cold). It is a great spot to relax for a short while, enjoying yet another incredible view of Fitz Roy and the surrounding landscape.

Laguna Capri is another lovely sight. It’s a good place to hang out for a bit – there is a camping site nearby so there’s quite a few people there, but the views remain splendid.

Fitz Roy Laguna de los Tres
Expressing joy at the first sight of Cerro Fitz Roy.

What to expect when hiking Fitz Roy / Laguna de los Tres

The trail to Laguna de Los Tres, much like all other trails in Patagonia, is very well marked and easy to follow, in all its parts, and the terrain is usually good.

The walk is nice and easy until the Campamento Poincenot.

About 1 km (0.6 miles) from there, the trail to Laguna de Los Tres, the main viewpoint of Cerro Fitz Roy, starts, and with that, the actual challenge. A sign warns people walking up about the difficulty, and suggests to continue walking only if you are in excellent physical conditions.

The walk to the base of Mount Fitz Roy is short, but it’s a steady uphill walk with a good 40% incline, most of it on rocks and small boulders so you’ll have to watch your step. It takes roughly one hour to walk all the way up.

You have to walk down on the same trail, and for as tough as walking uphill it is, I found the walking down by far more challenging. It takes pretty much the same amount of time to walk back down from Laguna de Los Tres.

The good thing about hiking in Patagonia is that the days are very long, and you have plenty of time to make it to Laguna de Los Tres and admire Mount Fitz Roy in all its glory. However, I recommend setting to walk nice and early to avoid the largest crowds and so that you can take your time with photos and taking in the views.

The hike to Laguna de Los Tres is one of the most popular ones in Patagonia. This means that on any given day there will be quite a few people on the trail. Regardless of that, don’t walk this trail alone: there is no phone reception at all along the trail and it is simply safer to have someone you can rely on for emergencies.

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If you like the idea of staying out in the nature for a couple of days, you can actually join this hike with the one to Laguna Torre.

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Fitz Roy trek
Another impressive sight along the Fitz Roy trek.

Essential items to wear and carry when hiking Fitz Roy / Laguna de los Tres

The list of items you should wear and carry for your Laguna de Los Tres / Fitz Roy is based on my experience of a day hike.

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The first thing to keep in mind when gearing up for the hike to Laguna de Los Tres is that the weather in Patagonia tends to be unpredictable. You may wake up in the morning and find a fantastic sunny day and perfect visibility of Fitz Roy, and moments later the wind may start blowing, the clouds gathering up and it may start raining. Make sure to be properly equipped for any weather conditions.

Here’s a list of essentials when hiking Fitz Roy:

  • A good pair of hiking boots. Make sure to pick a pair that is waterproof and that provides excellent ankle support: you will need it when walking downhill.
  • A pair of Hiking Pantsicon, best if waterproof as well. I swear by my new Kuhl Kontour Straighticon or my Kuhl Weekendr Tighticon
  • A cotton t-shirt such as Kuhl W’S Born Ticon – it’s comfortable and lightweight.
  • A comfortable fleece – I like Kuhl Alskaicon. You may even want to carry an extra one, in case the weather turns for the worst.
  • A good wind proof jacket. I use Hydroflex Rain Jacketicon
    jacket and love it.
  • A hat (you can use a baseball haticon to protect against the sun, or even a fleece hat to keep warm) and gloves (it is fairly cold in the early morning).
  • A good daypack. Make sure to take something with easy to reach, outside pockets for your bottle of water. I like Osprey Daylite Plus.
  • A refillable water bottle.
  • Sunscreen with high protection factor, as well as lip balm.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Don’t forget to take your camera. I use a Nikon D3300 and on this occasion carried a 18-105 mm lens. Alternatively, a smartphone with a good camera such as iPhone X will do an excellent job. Make sure to take a power bank as well!
  • Tissues or toilet paper, and a good antibacterial hand gel.
  • Compeed.
  • Food and water for the duration of the hike, and an extra spare bag to put all your garbage.

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Mount Fitz Roy
Sitting down to admire Fitz Roy.

Practical Information To Organize A Fitz Roy Trek

Hiking to Laguna de Los Tres independently

The hike to Laguna de Los Tres can be done independently: the trail is well marked and easy to follow. I advise you not to hike alone, as it can be very challenging in parts and you may need help, and there is no phone signal at all along the trail if you do get hurt and need help.

Guided hikes to Laguna de los Tres

If you prefer, you can also join a guided group hike. There are various departing daily from El Chalten.

You can book your Laguna de los Tres hike here.

If you’d rather go on a multi-day hike to hit both Laguna de los Tres and Laguna Torre, click here.

The best time to hike Laguna de los Tres

The best time to hike around Patagonia is in the late spring and summer months, between October and April. Even then, the weather remains unpredictable and you can expect wind, rain and even snow at any time. I was actually very lucky and enjoyed sunny, warm weather throughout my stay, but unless you have a tight schedule, I advise you to be as flexible as possible so that you can wait for the perfect day for your Fitz Roy trek.

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How to get to El Chalten

El Chalten is the nearest getaway for hiking Fitz Roy. The nearest airport is that of El Calafate, which is well connected with direct Aerolinas Argentinas flights to Buenos Aires and Ushuaia. It then is a very scenic 3 hours ride to El Chalten.

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By Bus

There are regular bus rides between El Calafate and El Chalten, with buses departing from the main terminal located on Julio Argentino Roca in El Calafate at 8:00 am and 6:00 pm. During peak season there is an extra bus that leaves at 1:00 pm. The most reliable bus companies are Chalten Travel and Caltur. The bus costs around $20 USD one way.

By car

Alternatively, you can rent a car directly at El Calafate airport. Check out the prices of car rental here. The only stop along the way is at Estancia La Leona. There, you can have a snack (though let me tell you, the food is barely passable) and use the washrooms.

ATMs in El Chalten

There are only two ATMs in El Chalten, both of them by the bus terminal. The town is tiny, but it does get crowded in the summer with the ATMs often resulting out of service. Many businesses still won’t take credit cards, so I advise to do a bit of planning and budgeting and take out cash in El Calafate, before even getting to El Chalten.

Where to stay and eat in El Chalten

El Chalten has some excellent accommodation options and a few good restaurants and breweries. Keep in mind that most hotels and restaurants are closed between the end of April and the beginning of October.

Here is a selection of the best places to stay in El Chalten:

Keep in mind that virtually all restaurants, bars and pubs in El Chalten observe some sort of happy hour, so they tend to be quite crowded between 5:00 and 8:00 pm when most people come back from hiking Fitz Roy. These are the best places to eat in El Chalten:

  • Maffìa is a simple eatery that still makes home made pasta. It’s not the way Italians make it, but it is good enough. Prices are fair.
  • Ahonikenk makes some of the Argentine staples, including a good Milanesa (breaded, fried meat or chicken). Portions are earthy and prices fair.
  • Curcuma is a great options for vegans.
  • La Vineria has an excellent selections of draft beers and wines.
  • Cerveceria Artesanal is quite simply the best pub in El Chalten.
  • Mathilda is a lovely café with great salads and a good selection of drinks.

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Other useful information

Like for any other trip, if you plan to hike around Mount Fitz Roy make sure to get a good travel insurance. Click here for good insurance deals.

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Have you been to El Chalten and hiked around Fitz Roy? If so, do share any other useful tips and recommendations!

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