I had been to Argentina already, but when Flash Pack invited me to take a look at their Argentina itinerary, I had no doubt: that’s where I’d be going next.

Having come back and still dreaming of the incredible landscapes of Patagonia, I can only say this was the trip of a lifetime; one I will never forget and – in fact – one I am hoping to repeat.

I spent 10 days in Argentina traveling on an incredible Flash Pack tour that was so packed with activities and adventures that – for the first time in my life – I didn’t even have time to reminisce about the previous day, or to start thinking about the next. Everything on my trip to Argentina was about the there and then. It was absolutely refreshing, and altogether memorable.

My Flash Pack’s Argentina itinerary was all about finally embracing a “no more not yets” attitude – finally putting an end to the “not yets” that for way too long stopped me from doing the things I really wanted to do, and jumping in on the opportunity to actually live my dreams.

Thanks to Flash Pack, I got to meet 14 other likeminded travelers – men and women who, like me, are quite happy with their lives yet are very curious to explore the world; professionals who are willing to pack their bags and go in a zip; people who can just as easily puff up a mountain and soak up in a jacuzzi, holding a glass of champagne (or better, one of Malbec – since it is Argentina we are talking about).

On my third trip to Argentina, I finally got to better explore one of the most buzzing, vibrant capitals of the world; I got to actually walk on a glacier; I stared at the most beautiful mountain I have ever seen; and I sipped on some of the most delicious wines ever produced – all in the company of some very fun people.

In this post, I highlight all the best experiences and adventures one can have on a Flash Pack trip to Argentina.

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Argentina itinerary

Flash Pack’s Argentina itinerary is absolutely EPIC!

Flash Pack – AKA The Ultimate Argentina Itinerary

Flash Pack’s Argentina Itinerary is all about discovering the best of the country in a less conventional, yet somehow more in depth way. On my tour, I learned much more about the local culture and way of life than I ever did on my previous two trips, all thanks to specifically targeted activities that perfectly combined learning with a good dose of fun.

My trip to Argentina started in Buenos Aires, went to Patagonia, and finished in Mendoza. The more the trip went on, the more I fell in love with this beautiful country.

Here’s what my Argentina itinerary looked like. (Keep in mind it may be subject to change, as the people at Flash Pack are always working to improve their tours and listen to their customers’ feedbacks to create even better products)

trip to Argentina

A street art tour is a great way to get to know Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, The Vibrant Argentinian Capital

Buenos Aires is, inevitably, the first stop of Flash Pack itinerary through Argentina. Known as the Paris of South America, the city is packed with interesting sights and things to do, and there is a multitude of good restaurants and bars and an incredible nightlife.

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Flash Pack’s Argentina itinerary allows two full days in the city (but you can arrive early if you wish to explore more). These are enough to get a good feel for it and tickle your interest in the capital.

Instead of going all classic and showing the typical sights of Buenos Aires, on a Flash Pack trip to Argentina you get to discover more of the history, culture and overall vibe of the city and (with that) even of the country thanks to a guided street art tour. An incredible guide, who is first and foremost an artist, walks guests through Palermo, one of the most lively barrios of Buenos Aires, explaining how the various murals came to life, what their meaning is, and how they have contributed to change in the city.

Although street art may not be for all, this tour puts everything in context and by the end of it you will feel like you have learned a great deal about the city.

If a street art tour is not enough to appreciate the culture of Buenos Aires, a “dinner” at The Argentine Experience will provide one further push. Through food and wine, the friendly hosts help guests understand the incredibly diverse heritage of the city. Guests are involved in activities such as making empanadas (one of the local staples) and learning the basics of the local sign language; and all the while get to enjoy a fabulous dinner cooked using strictly local products, and accompanied with various local wines.

Argentina itinerary

Dog walkers in Buenos Aires – they can walk up to 10 dogs each!

Practical information about Buenos Aires

Where to sleep

Hotel Clasico – a small boutique hotel in the heart of Palermo Soho, it features comfortable rooms and a stylish environment. The area is packed with good bars and restaurants.

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Where to eat

Bellagamba Bodegon – a favorite of locals, this eatery serves some of the best milanesas in town.

La Popular del Soho – a typical parrilla where you can expect to have some of the best steaks in town.

Lo de Jesus – a nice upper-scale restaurant that gets regularly packed with locals and tourists alike. It’s right inside a shop called La Malbequeria – the name is good enough an explanation for the wine selection you can expect!

Where to drink

Patagonia – a craft beer that can be found all over the country; there is one in Palermo Soho that has a lovely garden.

Growlers – another pub pretty much in front of Patagonia.

Boticario – a super quirky pub located in what used to be a pharmacy. It’s very vintage, and the atmosphere is unique yet friendly.

Moving around

Buenos Aires public transportation system is quite efficient. Make sure to get a SUBE card that allows you to ride buses and subway. It’s a top up card that you touch in every time you want to travel.

Alternatively, cabs are fairly cheap – especially if you can share the costs with other people.

Uber is illegal in Argentina, but you can download the app Cabify which works pretty much the same way.

Argentina itinerary

El Calafate is the second stop on Flash Pack’s Argentina itinerary

El Calafate, The Getaway To Patagonia

The second stop on the Flash Pack’s Argentina Itinerary is El Calafate. This nice small town located on the shores of Lake Argentino is the best access point to visit Perito Moreno Glacier, and is home to a multitude of excellent restaurants where to taste the best Argentian asado (mixed grill).

El Calafate is a nice place to explore. A walk along the lake is the perfect occasion to admire the incredible local bird life, with pink flamingos living in the lagoon, battling the wind which blows strong in this part of the country. Laguna Nimez is an even better place for birdwatching.

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Yet, Perito Moreno Glacier steals the show of this part of Flash Pack’s Argentina itinerary.  A full day is dedicated to its visit, but the tour is less than classic. Most companies go to the balconies and explore the various viewpoints to the glacier, which Flash Pack tour certainly does – and what a show it is to admire the glacier as the ice cracks and falls in the freezing waters of Lake Argentino, with a thunder-like sound.

Some companies also go on a boat tour to the northern wall of the glacier. Only a few, however, go full frontal and take their groups to actually walk on the glacier. Sure enough, Flash Pack is among those.

If you join Flash Pack trip to Argentina, after having admired the glacier in all its glory you’ll be ushered to the southern part of Lake Argentino, where you’ll board a catamaran that will take you as close to the southern wall of Perito Moreno Glacier as possible, for even more stunning views and incredible photo opportunities, and then drop you off at the southern base of the glacier.

There, you’ll meet a local guide that will help you wear crampons and will take you on a short but rewarding hike on the ice, showing you the best cracks and creases, allowing you to taste glacier water and finally offering you a shot of whiskey on Perito Moreno rocks.

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trip to Argentina

Flash Pack takes its group on a glacier hike, and it’s a lot of fun!

Practical information about El Calafate

Where to sleep

Hotel Esplendor – a fantastic boutique hotel located on a hill and with beautiful views of the lake. Rooms are incredibly large and comfortable, and the overall place is very stylish. There is an on site spa and a restaurant that serves delicious food.

Where to eat

La Tablita – known as the best restaurant in El Calafate, this literally is an institution. It serves the best asado, fantastic steaks and has a huge selection of wines.

Where to drink

Borges y Alvares – a lovely small café and bar with plenty of books on display and a great selection of drinks (mostly beer and wine).

Cerveceria Chopen – a nice craft beer pub. Ask for the beer sample before placing your order.

Moving around

El Calafate is walker friendly, and small enough for visitors to walk from one place to the other. The occasional taxi drives by and you can haul it from the street.

trip to Argentina

El Chalten is usually the favorite stop on Flash Pack trip to Argentina

El Chalten, The Heart of Patagonia

El Chalten is the third stop on Flash Pack’s Argentina itinerary, and the one that most people on the tour end up enjoying the most. To be honest, the town is nothing special – houses and hotels built in complete disregard of any architectural style, set around two main roads; a few restaurants (excellent for the most part) and (for some unknown reason) more than enough breweries (all of them offering happy hour, which is good news for the hikers); a handful of shops and just two ATMs (hardly sufficient during peak season).

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It’s what’s around El Chalten that makes it the highlight of any trip to Argentina. Indeed, El Chalten is right at the base of Cerro Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre. These can be seen from a long distance, as the bus from El Calafate approaches El Chalten first on Ruta 40 and then on Ruta 23.

Needless to say, if you visit El Chalten you are in for a real hiking extravaganza. As per the itinerary of Argentina followed by Flash Pack, the group hikes the trail to Laguna Torre, which goes to the base of Cerro Torre.

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Flash Pack’s Argentina itinerary allows an extra day in El Chalten, so the group has the option of going on an extra hike, going rafting, biking or just relaxing at the hotel or in town. I guess you know what I did already!

Together with 5 other girls in my group (because I never recommend hiking alone), I opted to hike to Laguna de Los Tres, at the base of Cerro Fitz Roy. This easily qualifies as the best day hike I have ever done. The hike to Laguna de Los Tres is the perfect combination of a hard workout and breathtaking views.

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trip to Argentina

At Laguna Torre with 3 more girls on my Flash Pack tour of Argentina – it was great to meet other likeminded travelers!

Practical information about El Chalten

Where to sleep

Estancia La Quinta – a lovely hotel a bit outside of El Chalten. It’s a good walk to town (around 55 minutes) or a few minutes drive by taxi (at the time of writing, a ride to town costs $400 Argentinian Pesos). Rooms are plain but incredibly comfortable and the settings absolutely gorgeous.

Where to eat

Maffia – a nice eatery that serves home made pasta – approved by Italians.

Ahonikenk – prepares some Argentinian staples including a good milanesa.

Mathilda – a lovely café with good salads and sandwiches, and drinks that go from your choice of coffee to craft beer.

Where to drink

La Vineria – a bit after the entrance of town, it has good draft beers and an excellent selection of wines.

Cerveceria Artesanal – the best pub in El Chalten.

Moving around

El Chalten is tiny, so unless you are staying out of town ie at Estancia La Quinta, there won’t be any need to hire a taxi. If needed, several companies can be called and booked.

Argentina itinerary

No better place to end a trip to Argentina than Mendoza

Mendoza, Where The Wine Flows

Mendoza is the perfect place to wrap up an incredible trip to Argentina, celebrating with wine and delicious food in the lovely surroundings of vineyards and Andean peaks. If the rest of Flash Pack’s Argentina itinerary is all about adventure and adrenaline, in Mendoza it is all about taking it slowly.

In line with the idea of appreciating local culture and way of life, once in Mendoza you get to visit the nicest bodegas (vineyard) in the region – one is large and you can buy the bottles in stores and find them in restaurants; the other is tiny and family run, the old way. Both of them make fantastic wines.

Here, you will be biking and even go horse riding through the vineyards and have a chance to try several wines and to learn about the process of wine making and bottling, and are then offered nothing less than a 7 courses lunch – accompanied by yet more wine. And – in case you are wondering – you will be given the chance to buy wine at a real steal.

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Argentina itinerary

A lovely bike ride through the vineyards – and lots of wine drinking!

Practical information about Mendoza

Where to sleep

Posada el Encuentro – tucked away in a small alley in Chacras de Coria, one of the nicest areas a bit outside Mendoza, this nice boutique hotel exudes countryside charm.

Where to eat

The best places to eat in Mendoza are actually the fantastic bodegas you will visit during your Flash Pack tour. There, you will have your good share of local specialties such as empanadas and the best cuts of meat.

Vegan or vegetarian? Head to Cuenco, right outside the center of Mendoza. They have delicious fresh vegan food at more than reasonable prices.

Where to drink

Should the wine you have at the bodegas not be enough, you can pop in one of the many lovely bars and pubs on Chacras de Coria main street. Patagonia is guaranteed to have good beer.

Moving around

As in any big city in Argentina, the public transportation system works quite well. Flash Pack provides transportation to and from the wineries, but if needed you can also count on a good and fairly cheap taxi service.

Argentina itinerary

Time to plan your trip to Argentina!

Plan Your Flash Pack Trip To Argentina

I recommend booking your Flash Pack trip to Argentina well in advance. Until the very last, I was unsure I’d be able to join the trip as it was fully booked! Advance bookings will also help you save money (you may be lucky to find a sale!), included on airfare!

The trip runs between October and April, so between spring and late summer in Argentina.

You will need to book flights to Buenos Aires, where the trip starts. Buenos Aires is well connected to the rest of the world via all the major carriers. From Europe, the best deals are with Alitalia, which has regular flights from Rome; Iberia, which flies from Spain, and Lufthansa. From North America, Air Canada and United Airlines have the best prices.

The trip ends in Mendoza, and from there you will have to book your flight to Buenos Aires or to another place, should you wish to extend the trip.

Flash Pack trip to Argentina costs between $3779 and $4699 USD, depending on whether you opt to sleep alone or are willing to share a room with another member of the group.

This price includes domestic flights from Buenos Aires to El Calafate and from El Calafate to Mendoza; local transportation and tours and activities; 10 nights’ accommodation, 3 lunches and 3 dinners, all of them delicious. Any other meal and extra activities and transportation will be on you.

Make sure to pack smartly, as Buenos Aires and Mendoza tend to get very hot in the summer, but Patagonia is mostly windy and chilly. Carry some good layers for Patagonia, as the weather tends to be unpredictable, it may rain and it is (unsurprisingly) freezing cold on Perito Moreno Glacier. Hiking boots are a must, as well as sun block!

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If you, like me, are a professional between the age of 30 and 49, accustomed to traveling solo but with not much time to plan your trips, looking forward to meet like minded people, interested in adventure and in getting to know a country’s culture a bit more in depth, a Flash Pack trip to Argentina may well be the best one for you.

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Are you considering joining Flash Pack’s Argentina itinerary?

Legal Disclaimer: I was a guest of Flash Pack during my trip to Argentina and I wish to thank them for the incredible experience. Needless to say, the opinions expressed in this post remain my own.           

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