A Complete Guide To Puerto Madryn, Argentina

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Puerto Madryn, Argentina is a major wildlife destination in South America. This mid-sized town, located on the east coast of the country, in the province of Chubut – part of Patagonia – is one of the best places to visit in the country. Though it has some beautiful beaches (however, don’t expect palm trees and clear turquoise waters – this is Patagonia after all, which is the contrary of tropical), the major attraction in this part of Argentina is the thriving marine life.

Between May and December Puerto Madryn is a great place to spot Southern Right Whales. On a lucky day you may even be able to spot them from the shore. But even in the summer months, when it is not whale-watching season, there are plenty of things to do in Puerto Madryn. Indeed, a trip to the nearby Peninsula Valdés or to Punta Tombo, or even just a boat tour along the bay will provide endless opportunities to spot more species.

Curious to find out more? Continue reading then: In this post, I highlight all the best things to do in Puerto Madryn, Argentina, and share some practical information to plan your trip.

Puerto Madryn Chubut
The penguin colony of Punta Tombo is a must

13 Fabulous Things To Do In Puerto Madryn, Argentina

Go whale watching

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Puerto Madryn is the Southern Right Whales. These can be seen in the winter and spring months, which in the southern hemisphere go from May to December. The peak season is between June and November (much like in South Africa), when whales come to the bay to give birth and teach their calves how to swim before moving to other parts of the ocean.

Whales can be spotted from the shore at El Doradillo beach, which is about 30 minutes from the city. On a very lucky day you may even see them from the beach in town.

Alternatively, you can opt for a boat tour for higher chances to spot these huge, beautiful animals. For more information, click here.

Puerto Rawson
Photo by Walter Macedo on @shutterstock

Go dolphin watching in Puerto Rawson

There’s nothing better than seeing dolphins in their natural environment (rather than at a dolphinarium, which is one of the most irresponsible things a tourist can do).

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Puerto Madryn is a fantastic place to admire Commerson’s dolphins. These are black and white dolphins often called “panda dolphins” or “skunk dolphins.” They are smaller than the typical dolphin and are only found in this part of the world.

Boat tours to go dolphin watching usually take place in Puerto Rawson and Golfo Nuevo. They normally last around 90 minutes, and you’ll get to see dolphins playing and swimming near the boat (it’s like if they challenge it to play!), while the guide will be providing plenty of information about these mammals as well as other animals you may be spotting.

Puerto Madryn Chubut
These cuties are fun to swim with!

Dive or snorkel with the sea lions

Though sea lions can get a bit aggressive when on land, they are truly cute when in the water. They can be seen in various spots around Puerto Madryn, but if you fancy snorkeling or even diving with them, head to Punta Loma where a colony of around 600 lives, protected from the orcas that also live along this coast.

Sea lions live in the area of Punta Loma year round – so you’ll have a chance to see them and swim with them regardless of the time of year you visit. Lobo Larsen is the best company in town that organizes sea lion snorkeling or diving expeditions.

To book your snorkeling experience with sea lions, click here.

things to do in Puerto Madryn
Take a selfie with penguins – as long as you don’t get too close!

Visit the penguin colony in Punta Tombo

There’s little doubt that one of the top things to do in Puerto Madryn is visiting the penguin colony in Punta Tombo Natural Reserve. Once you get in the reserve, you’ll literally be surrounded by them. Guides will tell you not to walk in front of them or not to get too close to them – but worry not! There are so many, that chances are they will be the ones walking in front of you and you’ll have plenty of excellent photo opportunities.

The penguins you’ll see in Punta Tombo are Magellanic penguins. The best time to see them is between September and April, when they get there to mate and give birth. Depending on the time of year you visit, you’ll get to see lots of young (very cute) ones.

For a guided tour of Punta Tombo departing from Puerto Madryn, click here or here.

For as cute as they are, penguins have a very strong beak and they surely hurt when they bite! Don’t get too close and by all means do not touch them!

Peninsula Valdes
Photo by Foto 4440 on @shutterstock

Explore Peninsula Valdes

One of the best places to spot wildlife near Puerto Madryn is Peninsula Valdes. There is a good reason that this is  a UNESCO World Heritage Site! Located around 77 km (47.8m miles) from town, a trip to Peninsula Valdes normally includes several stops to beaches in the area and to admire the colonies of elephant seals and the former lighthouse (now a hotel) of Punta Delgada. You’ll also see some penguins in Punta Norte (though not nearly as many as in Punta Tombo).

For a guided tour of Peninsula Valdes from Puerto Madryn, click here.

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things to do in Puerto Madryn
Not a tropical beach, but Puerto Pyramides is lovely

Hang out in Puerto Pyramides

Most people visit Puerto Pyramides during their day tour of Peninsula Valdes. However, this tiny town – no more than a village, really – surrounded by pyramid-shaped cliffs (hence its name) is a nice place to hang out for a day or two. It has a couple of cool bars and cafés, a super nice beach where it is safe to swim (and the water is actually quite warm in the summer) and it is a departing point for hikes and diving expeditions; not to mention an excellent whale watching location.

The only downside when you are at the beach is that – much like the rest of Patagonia – it is super windy here. So chances are you’ll be covered in sand.

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Puerto Madryn Argentina
Punta Loma Reserve is a nice place to visit

Visit Punta Loma Nature Reserve

Not far from Puerto Madryn there is a protected nature reserve with a large colony of sea lions, called Punta Loma. You can go snorkel or dive with them (as I have said before) but even if you don’t, make sure to visit Punta Loma as it is the only permanent sea lion colony of South America, with around 600 lobos marinos (actually, this translates into sea wolves). These live in a beautiful pebble beach and you can see them from a lookout point.

For a bike tour to Punta Loma, click here.

things to do in Puerto Madryn Argentina
There are a couple of good beaches in Puerto Madryn

Relax at the beach

Patagonia is hardly famous for its beaches. But if you visit in the peak of the summer, you may get some really hot days and then the beaches in town will be perfect to get a breath of fresh air and cool down. Besides, it is an excellent place to spot locals drinking mate, kite or windsurfing, or just relaxing.

Depending on when you go, you’ll be able to view a concert. Otherwise, there are plenty of bars, pubs and restaurants around.

Other than the one in town, the best beaches around Puerto Madryn are El Doradillo and Playa Parana.

Visit an estancia

Scattered around Patagonia there are many estancias (ranches). There are a few good ones also close to Puerto Madryn where you can enjoy a day admiring the local wildlife, horseback riding, checking out the livestock and having a fabulous asado. Among the best estancias in the area there are Estancia San José, Estancia Rincon Chico (which actually is in Peninsula Valdes) and Estancia San Lorenzo – visiting the latter one will allow you to combine your visit with a trip to the penguin colonies.

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Puerto Madryn Argentina
More cuteness!

Visit the Museo Provincial de Ciencias Naturales y Oceanografico

This small museum is a nice introduction to the nature and history of Puerto Madryn and Chubut. You’ll find plenty of information on the southern right whales found in this area; on other marine mammals and even on the history of the Welsh settlers who founded the town. It’s in one of the oldest buildings in town, a few minutes walk from the city center and admission is free – worth visiting.

Visit Trelew and Gaiman

Most of the towns in Chubut were founded by Welsh settlers. You should definitely take your time to discover a few!

Trelew is about one hour from Puerto Madryn and has an interesting paleontology museum (more about that later); whereas Gaiman is a farming village that was founded in the 1800s with plenty of historic buildings and even a lovely Welsh tea shop. If you crave a good cup of tea with bread, jam, cakes and what not, make sure to stop at the Casa de Te Ty Gwyn.

Visit the Museum of Paleontology Egidio Feruglio

The best place to see fossils in Patagonia is actually the Paleontology Museum of Trelew. There are a couple of different exhibitions and – depending on the time of your visit – you may even be able to see the largest dinosaur ever found – which was discovered near Trelew.


There are many excellent restaurants in Puerto Madryn, which is especially a great place to try the famous Argentine steaks or lamb (or even better asado). However, you’ll also find lots of seafood and Italian food options (much like in the rest of Argentina).

En Mis Fuegos is a lovely romantic spot. Another place to try is Cantina El Nautico, especially good for seafood (make sure to try the shrimps). Giuseppe is the best place for pizza and pasta at reasonable prices.

Argentina Puerto Madryn Chubut
A view of town from the sea

Practical Information To Plan Your Trip

Where to stay in Puerto Madryn

There are a few good places to stay in Puerto Madryn, for all tastes and budget. I opted to stay at a hostel when I visited, and had a fantastic experience meeting people I am still friends with. Alternatively, there are some good hotels and even small apartments you can rent.

This is a selection of the best places to stay in town:

  • Hi Patagonia Hostel is a great budget option with both private rooms and dorms, and plenty of social spaces. The owner and the staff are very helpful in organizing day tours and in helping guests with car rental.
  • Wind Puerto Madryn is a nice, modern and fully equipped apartment, perfect if you prefer self catering.
  • Hotel Piren has large, comfortable rooms – some also have sea views.

When to visit Puerto Madryn

Any time is a good time to visit Puerto Madryn, and no matter when you go you’ll be able to see beautiful wildlife. Plan your trip in time to see the animals you are more keen on. Whales are best seen between May and December, whereas penguins between September and April. Elephant seals can be seen year round.

How to get to Puerto Madryn

The easiest and fastest way to get to Puerto Madryn is to fly to Trelew, about 55 km (34.1 miles) away, and then take the bus or a private shuttle.

Alternatively, you can fly to Bahia Blanca and then take the bus (it’s around 10 hours), or bus it all the way from Buenos Aires (around 20 hours). There are also daily buses to El Calafate. The bus trips are very long, but at least the buses are very comfortable.

How to move around Puerto Madryn and Chubut

You may want to rent a car for the duration of your stay in the area, but car rental in Argentina can be quite tricky, with lots of restrictions on the distances you can cover. Anyways, the best thing is to enquire.

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If you don’t want to rent a car, the best way to get around is to join the guided tours that regularly leave from town.

Other useful information 

As with any other place you may be visiting, make sure to get a good insurance before your trip.

You can do so here.

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