A Complete Guide To El Calafate, Argentina

El Calafate is a small town of around 25000 inhabitants in the south Argentina, and one of the main getaways to explore Patagonia, with easy access to Los Glaciares National Park, where Perito Moreno Glacier is located, and connections to El Chalten, one of the main hiking hubs of the country, as well as Torres del Paine National Park, on the Chilean side of Patagonia.

Sure enough, it would be a pity to visit Argentina and leave El Calafate out of your itinerary. For as small as it is, this town, which takes its name from the calafate berries that commonly grow in small bushes in Patagonia, has a lot to offer. From hiking to visiting the great glaciers; from admiring the local fauna to kayaking, El Calafate is a fantastic place for nature and adventure lovers. And if you need to take a day off and just relax, the city has plenty of good coffee shops, restaurants and bars, and an interesting shopping scene.

Curious to find out more? I have been to El Calafate, Argentina, many times and I will show you the best things to do there, and share a few tips to make the most of this lovely town.

El Calafate Argentina
Visiting Perito Moreno is a must when in El Calafate

17 Things To See And Do In El Calafate, Argentina

Visit Perito Moreno Glacier

Perito Moreno Glacier is the most famous attraction in El Calafate. Located about one and a half hours drive from El Calafate, this is the highlight of Los Glaciares National Park. It isn’t the biggest glacier in the country, but it definitely is the most scenic to see: contrary to most glaciers which are now receding, it is actually stable.

The good news about Perito Moreno is that it’s incredibly easy to access. Once at the site, you have the option of admiring it from the balconies near the visitors’ center; going on a boat tour that gets as close as 100 meters (328 feet) from the main wall of the glacier; and even going on an ice trek on the glacier itself (this last activity needs to be booked in advance).

The entry fee to Los Glaciares National Park, from where you’ll have access to Perito Moreno, is 2,520 ARS (Argentinian Pesos), which at the current exchange rate is around $22 USD. You can visit the glacier independently: public buses regularly leave from El Calafate.

A guided tour is probably a better option, as it will include transportation costs and activities and will end up being slightly more expensive, but significantly easier.

You can book your Perito Moreno guided tour here. For a tour that includes an ice trek, click here. If you’d like to kayak under the glacier, click here.

Make sure to read my post A Complete Guide To Perito Moreno Glacier.

Go on an ice trek

A guided ice trek is a great way to experience Perito Moreno Glacier, and definitely one of the highlights of a trip to El Calafate. You have the option of going on a big trek, which usually lasts all day; or on a small trek, which on the other hand only lasts around one and a half hours.

Short treks are great addition to a visit to Perito Moreno Glacier. You’ll get the opportunity to see the glacier and the moraine up close; listen to the ice cracking; look into the cracks and even drink glacier water.

The short trek is fairly easy, suitable even for families with children. The only real requirement is that of being properly dressed: you’ll need a few layers of technical hiking gear and thermal underwear; a good snow jacket; hat, gloves and a scarf, and a good pair of hiking boots to which crampons (necessary to walk on ice) will be tied up.

For a tour that includes an ice trek, click here.

El Calafate Argentina
Lake Argentino and Laguna Nimez are excellent places to admire wildlife in El Calafate

Admire wildlife at Laguna Nimez

If you have a few hours to kill while, head to Laguna Nimez. This ecological reserve is an easy 15 minutes walk from the center of town. It is a protected area where an incredible variety of birds live, first and foremost the beautiful Chilean flamingo. The reserve is a good representation of the landscape of Patagonia, with recreations of the desert steppe, the wetlands and lake Argentino.

You can go on a self-guided tour that can last anything between one and three hours. It costs around $10 USD to get in.

Walk or run around the lake

A great and free alternative to Laguna Nimez is Lake Argentino. Just as easily reached from the center of town, it’s a fantastic place to observe local wildlife – including the beautiful pink flamingoes. Bring your camera and a good lens if you want take stunning photos!

This is also where locals go for a run or a bike ride. There even are small open-air gyms if you fancy doing some push ups and other extra exercises.

El Calafate Argentina
Visiting an estancia is one of the nicest things to do in El Calafate

Visit an estancia

Estancias are farms that can be found all over Argentina and that are traditionally used for cattle raising. The name literally translates as “stay” and refers to the period of time that the government authorities have allocated for a stay in a specific piece of land.

Not far from El Calafate there are a few gorgeous estancias that can be visited on an easy day trip. Most of them have now turned into tourist attractions, where there is very little animal farming. They often have a museum, and offer experiences such as horse riding and hiking in the surroundings. The estancias that aren’t touristy are great places to visit to learn a bit more about the traditional local way of life and culture. The touristy ones still offer very good experiences. I visited Estancia Cristina and truly enjoyed it.

You can book a tour to Estancia Cristina here. For a tour of Nibepo Ranch click here.

Hike to Cañadón de los Fósiles

Departing from Estancia Cristina, the to Cañadón de los Fósiles is one of the most interesting treks in Patagonia, and allows you to admire Lake Guillermo, the eastern front of Upsala Glacier and the South Patagonian Continental Ice Field. The hike is fairly easy, lasting between 4 and 5 hours with plenty of stops for photos, explanations, and lunch break.

You can book your hike to Cañadón de los Fósiles here.

Kayak Lake Argentino or Lake Upsala

If kayaking is your thing, you’ll enjoy paddling up Lake Argentino or the Upsala Canal. You’ll be going along icebergs, for incredible photo opportunities.

If you’d like to kayak under a glacier, click here.

El Calafate Argentina
Make sure to explore the lovely Calafate

Visit the Centro de Interpretación Histórica

The Centro de Interpretación Histórica is a small museum, but you’ll find lots of information on the natural and human history of Patagonia, with an interesting display of cultural artifacts, fossils, archeological finds etc. You’ll find information in English and Spanish, as well as guides.

Explore El Calafate town 

El Calafate is a small town and it won’t take you much to explore it. For as small as it is, it is very pleasant and one of the nicest things to do in El Calafate is actually chilling. The main street, Avenida del Libertador San Martín, is lined with chocolate shops and lovely cafés. There are a couple of breweries and a bunch of shops selling outdoor gear (though they are very expensive!) and lots of souvenir and handicrafts stalls at Paseo de Los Artesanos – it’s a good place to buy wool and leather goods.

Go to La Leona Petrified Forest

To get a good idea of how diverse the landscape in Patagonia is, make sure to visit La Leona Petrified Forest. It’s at about one and a half hour drive from El Calafate, along the famous Ruta 40. With its dry and sandy rock formations, it’s as different as it gets from places like Perito Moreno Glacier. You’ll also have a chance to see the local wildlife (especially guanacos) and fossils.

Only guided tours are allowed at La Leona, as this is private land. You can book yours here.

Visit the Walichu Caves

Right next to Lake Argentino, along Ruta 11, there are some interesting caves home to 4000-year-old paintings and beautiful rock formations. It’s an easy trip from El Calafate, and you can drive there yourself or go on a guided tour.

El Calafate Argentina
Head out to El Calafate Mountain for a lot of adventures

Go to El Calafate Mountain

One of the most fun things to do in El Calafate if you have an extra day is going to El Calafate Mountain. It’s a fantastic place to go mountain biking, and if that is not your thing you can hop on a 4×4 that takes you to the famous Calafate Balcony, for fantastic views of the Andes and of the town below.

You can book your tour of El Calafate Mountain here.

Go to Cerro Frías

Just 22 km (13.7 miles) from El Calafate, immersed in the Patagonian Steppe, you’ll find Cerro Frías. This 1,300 meters (4,265 feet) mountain stands alone and from there you’ll be able to get incredible views of Mount Fitz Roy and Lago Argentino.

You can go independently, though many go on 4×4 tours that also go on the shores of the lake and to a dune-filled beach. Other activities that can be arranged are horseback riding, hiking and even biking. Along the way, you may spot local wildlife like guanacos, hares and even condors.

El Calafate Argentina
El Chalten is a good day trip from El Calafate, and perfect for hiking

Head to El Chalten for a hike

El Chalten is at a little less than 3 hours from El Calafate, and in the summer months, when it’s light out until 9:30 pm, there is plenty of time to go there even on a day trip from El Calafate on public transport. Go there, hike and then head back. Just make sure to take the first bus in the morning, which departs from El Calafate at 8:00 am.

Among the best hikes to do in El Chalten, there is the one to Laguna Torre and the one to Laguna de Los Tres. Both of them take between 6 and 8 hours, depending on how often you stop.

Visit Torres del Paine National Park

To be honest, I don’t really recommend going on a day trip to Torres del Paine, in Chile, from El Calafate, Argentina. First of all, this is a place that deserves way more than just a few hours. Secondly, it’s a long day – you’ll depart at 4:30 am and spend a good hour (if not more) at the border.

Having said so, if you are short of time this is a convenient way to see one of the most beautiful national parks in the world. You’ll have a chance of seeing Lago Sarmiento, Lago Pehoé, Grey Glacier and Grey Lake, Salto Grande waterfall and more.

You can book your day trip to Torres del Paine from El Calafate here.

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Have a drink at the Ice Bar

A place like El Calafate, Argentina, couldn’t do without its ice bar. In fact, there are two. The most popular one is GlacioBar. You pay an entry fee to be able to sit on ice furniture and drink unlimited cocktails in ice glasses. It’s not the kind of place to go if you are looking for something cozy: it’s very cold inside!!

El Calafate Argentina
Torres del Paine is not the easiest day trip from El Calafate

Practical Tips To Plan Your Trip To El Calafate

When to visit El Calafate, Argentina

The best time to travel to El Calafate, or to anywhere in Patagonia, is in the summer months, between the end of November and the end of March. That’s when the day are longest and when you will get more chances of sunny days – though beware that Patagonian weather can be crazy and you may get rain, wind and snow even in the summer. Shoulder season (October or April) may be good months – provided that businesses are open!

How long to stay in El Calafate

Most people stop in El Calafate Argentina for just two nights, spending one day to visit Perito Moreno Glacier and doing little else in the area. If time allows it, I recommend staying 4 nights before moving on to other places in Patagonia such as El Chalten.

How to get to El Calafate

By plane

Depending on where you are in Argentina, the best way to get to El Calafate is by plane. There are frequent daily flights from Buenos Aires, Bariloche and Ushuaia, and connecting flights from other places such as Mendoza.

El Calafate airport is at about 22 km (13.7 miles) from town. There are shuttles and taxi connecting the airport to town.

By bus

El Calafate is well connected to many other places in the country such as Puerto Madryn (20 hours) or El Chalten (3 hours) via direct buses. If traveling from Buenos Aires, you’ll have to take a bus to Rio Gallegos (around 36 hours) and then a connection to El Calafate (4 more hours).

El Calafate Argentina
El Calafate is a must during a trip to Argentina

Where to stay in El Calafate

You’ll find some excellent accommodation options suitable for all budgets and tastes in El Calafate. The following are some of the best places to stay – I have stayed in all so you can count on a personal review!

  • America del Sur Calafate is a great hostel, a bit out of town though you can easily reach the center on a 15 minutes walk. It has good dorms and nice private rooms. The common areas are spacious and cozy, perfect for socializing, and the views of Lake Argentino from the dining room breathtaking. There is a tour desk. Click here for the latest rates.
  • Esplendor is a beautiful boutique hotel with spacious, comfortable rooms. There is an onsite spa, a pool and a restaurant that serves excellent local staples. Click here for the latest rates.
  • Boutique Hotel La Cantera has a lovely, homey feeling. It’s very close to the center of El Calafate. Click here for the latest rates.

Where to eat in El Calafate, Argentina

There are a few good restaurants in El Calafate where you can try the local specialties – first and foremost the famous asado (Argentinian mixed grill) as well as the Patagonian lamb.

La Tablita – known as the best restaurant in El Calafate, it’s the place to go to try a good asado or have an excellent steak. The wine list is endless. Service is very professional. It’s pricey, but worth it. Advanced reservations recommended.

La Lechuza – Argentinians swear by this pizzeria. I have a different opinion, but I am a picky Italian. Give it a try, and let me know if you liked it!

Los Amigos – a good option if you fancy seafood. Portions are earthy!

La Cocina – the place to go in El Calafate if you want to have some fairly good pasta.

Mi Rancho – a Spanish name for a place that serves Italian staples like ossobuco and risotto. It’s extremely popular, so reserve a table in advance.

Other practical information

Make sure to get a good travel insurance for your trip to Patagonia.

Check out the prices of travel insurance here.

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