Why Visit Rome?

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Why visit Rome? When people ask me, I can’t help wonder if they are actually asking me the question, or if theirs is just a prank. Because honestly, why on earth would you not want to visit the Eternal City?

The Italian capital is an incredible place and if it is your first time in the country, it should definitely be the starting point of your trip to Italy. Rome is a fabulous mix of history, archeology, art, religion and religious culture and delicious food; and it certainly is the most popular place to visit in Italy.

Truth is, Rome is a city that hardly leaves you indifferent. It’s the kind of place you either love or hate – and most inevitably love it. For as touristy as it is, the Italian capital has very much remained true to itself.

Visit Rome and you will find a city that is not gentrified, where locals still own the place. It can appear dirty, rough on the outside, but if you manage to capture its essence, you will fall in love with it.

To appreciate Rome, you need to look beyond what meets the eye – though there is lots of that, to be fair! Spend enough time there, and you will be able to take in all its beauty, its culture, the treasures.

So, is Rome worth visiting? It is for sure and in fact you should use it as the starting point of your trip to Italy. If you are still looking for reasons to visit Rome, you are in the right place. I’m the biggest advocate for the Italian capital! Continue reading, as I will tell you once again why visit Rome.

Why Visit Rome? Is Rome Worth Visiting?

There’s some incredible historic architecture

Rome is an ancient city. That means wherever you go in the city, you’re going to find some super old buildings to marvel at. Some of those historic buildings aren’t that ancient – there are plenty of Renaissance (and other ages) wonders to visit too. The palazzi and piazze spread throughout the city are all sorts of beautiful.

A lot of that is down to the power of the Popes. They and their noble families commissioned endless public and private works over many hundreds of years to create a cohesive architectural style in the city.

Architects along with painters and sculptors flocked to Rome and created many of the landmark pieces of architecture that make the city what it is today. Much of the Centro Storico is UNESCO-recognized.

That’s without even mentioning the Colosseum – that alone is one of the best reasons to visit Rome!


You can stand in the same spot gladiators once stood

The Colosseum is in fact the largest ancient amphitheater ever built, and it remains the largest amphitheater in the world. Built between 70 and 80 AD, the Colosseum in its heyday could hold around 80,000 spectators with an average audience of around 65,000.

Those audiences were there (free of charge!) to see all sorts of incredible public spectacles. Most famously, though, they would have been watching gladiators battle it out and not always to the death. Some of the more famous gladiators of the ancient world didn’t always kill their opponents and became celebrities in their own right.

Today there may not be any real-life gladiators, but you can stand in the place where these fearsome fighters once stood and battled in front of roaring crowds. A tour with a well-reviewed guide will really heighten the experience and open up history before your eyes!

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why visit rome

The modern architecture is interesting too

Perhaps inspired by all the city’s architectural legacies, the impressive buildings in Rome didn’t stop in the 19th century. Today there are many more modern examples of architecture in the city, from the 20th century to contemporary structures.

Set inside the old Peroni beer factory, MACRO (Rome’s Museum of Contemporary Art) is an example of industrial transformation, while MAXXI – designed by the late Zaha Hadid – is the city’s cutting-edge National Museum of Art.

Even the Fascist era brought architectural splendor to the ancient capital. For example, the Esposizione Universale Roma or EUR area of the city is awash with 1950s minimalism.

Borghese Gallery

It’s a creative hub

Rome’s power, especially in terms of the Popes willing to splash out cash on huge works of art and architecture, attracted many creative individuals to the city over the years. Art was allowed to flourish under this wealthy patronage, and allowed both Baroque and Neoclassical to be born in the city.

It was home to a long list of illustrious painters, sculptors, architects and artists, including Michelangelo and Bernini, whose work can be admired across the city and especially at Borghese Gallery. The creativity continues to this day.

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The are many interesting museums

Rome isn’t just a massive open air art gallery, but it has an incredible selection of museums. If you are spending just 3 days in Rome, stick to the most famous museums in town – Borghese Gallery to see the works of Bernini, Titian, Raphael, Caravaggio and many more; the Vatican Museums where you can spot Michelangelo’s magnificent Sistine Chapel; the Capitoline Museums to spot the famous she-wolf statue.

If you have more time, opt for other, quirkier art galleries. My favorite one is Centrale Montemartini – you’ll see classic statues in the setting of a former electric power plant. You should also check out MACRO, Rome Museum of Contemporary Art.

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You can visit the Pope

Catholics will have the answer to the eternal question – why visit Rome?

We’ve mentioned him already, but yes, it’s in Rome that you’ll find the Pope. Well, not exactly – it’s in the Vatican City, the world’s smallest nation state, which is situated in the heart of the Italian capital itself.

Here, once you step over the border into the Vatican, you’ll be in the center of Catholicism. It’s home to magnificent landmarks like the Sistine Chapel, St Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums. Of course, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Rome hidden gems

And many other churches

If you are wondering “is Rome worth visiting” just thing of the many churches – they are definitely one of the reasons to visit Rome, and you really have no excuse not to see at least a couple: access to churches is free in Italy, with only a very few ones requiring a fee to visit a crypt, or the dome, etc.

The first church you should explore when in Rome is definitely St. Peter’s Basilica. Fair enough, it’s actually in the Vatican City – but let’s not get menial about it! And did you know that the Pantheon, one of the most famous buildings in Rome, is actually a church? Go ahead and marvel at the incredible structure!

Other churches you should consider visiting are the magnificent St. John in the Lateran, which is the seat of the Pope in Rome; San Clemente Basilica, one of the oldest churches in the city; and Santa Maria della Vittoria, where you can see one of Bernini’s masterpieces, the Ecstasy of Saint Theresa.

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Fontana di Trevi

The fountains are beautiful

They sure are – and there are a lot of them to be found across the city. From the famed waters of the Trevi Fountain, to lesser known masterpieces of marble and engineering, there’s no getting away from the fact that Rome has some of the world’s most beautiful fountains.

Built in all sorts of styles, including Baroque and medieval, Rome has been home to fountains for over 2,000 years. They played an important part in the city’s development, at one time providing clean drinking water to its citizens.

Historically, they were fed by one of the nine ancient aqueducts that once brought water to 39 sizeable fountains, and almost 600 public basins. Today some of those aqueducts are still in use, with the Acque Vergine aqueduct still supplying water to the Trevi Fountain.

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Staring at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is a must

Probably one of the most famous ceilings in the world, the one at the Sistine Chapel has to be seen to be believed. The chapel itself was built between 1473 and 1481 and is located inside the Vatican City.

The frescoes that adorn the ornate ceiling were daubed by Michelangelo between 1508 and 1512, and are a landmark of High Renaissance art. With its bright colors and many lifelike figures, the ceiling is a complex creation that really shows the artist’s full skill. Michelangelo also painted The Last Judgement, which decorates the sanctuary wall of the chapel.

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Food in Rome is delicious

If you travel for food and are asking yourself “why visit Rome?” stop right here! Food alone is one of the best reasons to visit Rome.

Roman cuisine is not to be missed. With roots in ancient Greek culture, the city developed its own particular cuisine using local ingredients. Developing over hundreds of years into what it is today, it’s no surprise that dining is such an amazing experience in Rome.

And there’s a lot of choice – as of 2017, there were 13,721 restaurants scattered throughout the capital (that’s without mentioning the cafes or bars!). From the high-end to the down-to-earth, dining out is important.

Meals are long and start with an aperitif and then continue with multiple dishes. Pasta, pizza, gnocchi, vegetables grilled, stuffed, and fried, beautiful cuts of meat, pastries – you name it It’s definitely a dream for any foodie to spend their time eating their way around the city.

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why visit Rome

You can have gelato year round

If your kids ask you why visit Rome, use the magic word – gelato!

Alongside the best of Rome’s cuisine is gelato. There’s no better way to get a sugar rush and cool down all at the same time.

You can’t go far in this city without passing a gelateria – there are many to be found, often boasting a variety of flavors. It’s not just a summertime snack either – it’s ok to enjoy gelato all year round.

Usually made fresh and with natural ingredients, gelato is endlessly delicious. It’s easy to spend your time hopping from shop to shop enjoying all the different flavors there are on offer. From strawberry and pistachio, to something a little more out there (how about ricotta?), there’s something for first-timers and taste explorers alike.

There’s amazing wine

And to wash down all that tasty food, there’s the wine.

Ancient Rome left its mark on the wine world, having influenced generations of grape growers across the Italian Peninsula. In fact, it was Roman culture that made wine-drinking democratic – it was available for all manner of people within the empire, from slaves to aristocrats, men and women alike.

Today, Italy as a whole is blessed with a long list of good wines, and Rome in particular is a top place to sample some of the best as well as varieties from the surrounding region of Lazio.

Its most famous wine is Frascati. Hailing from the nearby town in the Castelli Romani of the same name, Frascati is a refreshing white wine nicknamed the “golden wine” because of its color and quality. It’s a perfect accompaniment to any summer meal.

is Rome worth visiting?

The nightlife is incredible

Young people wondering “is Rome worth visiting”? hear me out: you will have a blast!

Rome knows how to throw a party and if you want to stay up until the wee hours, you will find plenty of things to do to keep yourself entertained. Bars, pubs and clubs abound in the city, and in the good season people just pour onto the streets and piazzas to enjoy a drink and a chat with their friends.

Not sure where to start? Head over to Trastevere, it’s the best nightlife hub in Rome. Just don’t book a room there if you are a light sleeper!

reasons to visit Rome

You can pretend you’re Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn is the star of the classic 1953 rom-com, Roman Holiday. Starring alongside Gregory Peck, Hepburn plays a princess vacationing in Rome who meets a reporter (Peck). The pair then explore the city together with many classic sights appearing in the flick.

Hepburn rides around Rome on a Vespa – she sees the Spanish steps; eats at a street cafe; and she tours the Colosseum. Most famously, Peck and Hepburn visit the Mouth of Truth, and throw coins into the Trevi Fountain.

Amazingly, it was this film that made the act of throwing coins into the fountain a favorite of visitors to Rome ever since.

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Rome hidden gems

It’s actually easy to get away from the crowds

Escaping the crowds in Rome is actually incredibly easy. Turn right instead of left on your way to Piazza Navona (just saying, but you get the point!) and you may find yourself in a beautiful, picture perfect spot that tourists have yet to discover – and that’s right in the historic center of town.

Walk right past the Colosseum, and you will be the only person wandering the streets of the Caelian Hill. How many other places do you know where you can get off the beaten path without traveling for miles?

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is Rome worth visiting

It’s easy to hit up the beach

Rome may seem like an endless warren of ancient architecture and historic sights, but the city’s public transport makes it very easy to hit up the nearby coast.

One favorite for Romans looking for some respite by the sea is Ostia. Once the ancient port that served Rome, today Ostia is more known for its beaches – though there’s an archaeological site here too.

Elsewhere, there’s Sperlonga – a Blue Flag beach just 90 minutes by train from Rome. This picturesque destination is an ideal place to enjoy a day at the beach.

Santa Marinella is another option for sun, sea, and sand – it’s only a 45-minute train ride from the capital to reach its crescent-shaped beach lapped by clear waters. Here you’ll also find plenty of stabilimenti, where you can rent sun loungers, umbrellas and order snacks and drinks.

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The city’s piazze are perfect for people watching

Rome has a whole ton of piazze (squares). Often hubs of activity in local neighborhoods and the city center alike, these are the ideal place to take a break if your feet are hurting after walking around the city.

They’re also great in the evenings as the sun starts to go down. You can see local life playing out in these historic spaces, with terraces coming alive with diners and families out strolling in the cooler weather.

Colonna Traiana

The views are stunning throughout

Is Rome worth visiting? Well, if anything for the amazing views! Perched on the hills (there are actually more than seven hills in Rome) as it is, you are bound to find many places to take in the views of the city, and whether you are a photography geek looking for the best shot or a romantic at heart looking for the right time to propose to your better half, you will find the perfect spot.

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You can stay at historic hotel

It’s possible to actually stay in a slice of the city’s history by choosing your accommodation wisely. Many of Rome’s hotels have their own stories, often stretching back hundreds of years.

Some have Roman ruins situated inside – others are set inside buildings that were once Renaissance-era convents. You can even find ones that were built as palaces for Rome’s nobility, and others that have had famous names stay there at one time or another.

There are also some purpose-built hotels that have been standing as luxurious structures since the 19th century to accommodate historic travelers to the Italian capital.

Not only that, but even some of the city’s Airbnbs are located inside heritage buildings and timeworn apartment blocks.

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Different neighborhoods have a different feel

Rome isn’t just about its Centro Storico, or historic center. There are many more neighborhoods to explore when you find yourself in the Eternal City, each with a different vibe and a history all of its own.

One of the most well-known of these is Trastevere. This traditionally working-class district has a boho atmosphere today and can be explored along its charming, cobbled lanes and local piazze.

Elsewhere there’s Monti – a fashionable weekend spot for boutiques, bars, and restaurants. There’s also the neighboring residential areas of Testaccio and Ostiense, known for their cool, creative atmosphere, with great restaurants, street art, and great food markets.

The atmosphere remains very local

Despite being Italy’s prime tourist destination, Rome has maintained its local character and it’s remained true to itself. So when you wonder “why visit Rome” this point should definitely come up.

Although being a truly multicultural place, with people from various parts of the world that now call it home, Rome also remains very Roman at heart. This is a city that hasn’t been polished up for tourist purposes – proof is the dirt you will often spot in various parts of the city; it’s a place where locals haven’t moved out to make room to the myriad of Airbnb and short term apartment rentals.

The atmosphere in Rome is just something else! People can be incredibly friendly and at the same time very grumpy and abrupt: rest assured they will never put up a face for you!

Just make sure to avoid visiting Rome in August: that’s when most locals go on their summer holidays and you’ll end up being in a city that is just packed with tourists.

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best views of Rome

It’s a compact city

Unlike sprawling capital cities like London or Tokyo, Rome is mercifully compact for first-time visitors. Its historic center is especially walkable, with many of its top attractions and sights being easily accessed on foot within a day of exploration.

That means you won’t be wasting your precious vacation time trying to get to far-flung hotspots on public transport.

This makes Rome ideal for a weekend break – it’s surprising how much of the city you can see in just 48 hours!

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The shopping is great

Shopaholic beware! Shopping is one of the top reasons to visit Rome! The city is ideal for shopaholics and souvenir hunters alike. From fun gift ideas to designer goods, there’s just about something for everyone here.

Want to shop for leather and shoes? Then go to Via Frattina. If you’re into vintage threads, then you should make your way to Via Dei Coronari. But if you like your clothes more chic and up-to-date, then Castel Romano – a theme-park-esque outlet with neoclassical architecture – is where you should go for designer clothing.

Fiumicino Airport To Rome City Center

It’s very well connected

Rome is incredibly well connected to the rest of the world. If you are coming from the other side of the world, chances are your flight will be landing in Rome so why don’t you take the opportunity and stop for a few days? But there’s more! There are regular offers for flights to Rome – it can be truly cheap to fly there from the East coast of the United States, so definitely do not miss on the opportunity to go!

Final Thoughts: Is Rome Worth Visiting?

In case I haven’t made it clear, Rome really has it all and whether you are looking for a thriving city packed with art, sights and things to do, or just a quiet corner to appreciate the Italian “dolce vita” you are bound to find it in Rome. So if you are wondering why visit Rome, just stop and go pack your bags!

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